Mobile phones jamming devices to prevent cheating

How to prevent cheating?
What impression do you have on the security measures against cheating during the college entrance examination? Are they signal blocker and metal detectors? One place has adopted a more powerful signal shield for the gaokao, which covers the entire country.
BBC reported that June 20-25 is the time for Algeria's high school graduation exam. During this time, social networks across the country will be shut down for an hour after the exam begins to prevent it from leaking out.
The reasons for the move can be traced back to 2016. That year, there was a very serious cheating in the college entrance examination, which was leaked on the Internet and spread crazily.
Last year, Algerian authorities asked isps (Internet service providers) to shut down social networks, but self-conscious measures alone were not enough to ensure enforcement. This year, says one security official, "Internet censorship will be better co-ordinated and more effective than ever".
Nouria Benghabrit, education's minister, told Algerian media that the decision was "uncomfortable" but that they "should not be passive in the face of such a potential leak".

Cell phone jammer play an important role
In addition to the blackout, about 2,000 exam centers across the country have metal detectors, surveillance cameras and cellphone jammers. It is estimated that more than 700,000 students took the exam.
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