Equipment for making CBD crystals

There are a variety of CBD separation machines that use different chromatographic methods. These machines include different chromatographs designed to perform different separation methods. Some examples of equipment include

Those using the pure99 machine
Fast column chromatography (solvent)
Counter-current chromatography (liquid-liquid extraction, lle)
Centrifugal partition chromatography (liquid-liquid extraction)
High pressure liquid chromatography (solvent)
Thin layer chromatography
Solid phase extraction column
Stirred kettle
CBD crystal separators using stirred reactors
extraktLAB manufactures several different types of CBD crystal separation production machines. The first type of machine is a stirred jacketed glass reactor and pump assembly that is assembled into an automated machine.

Stirred jacketed reactors are used worldwide as reaction vessels capable of phase separation, controlled heating and cooling, and the process itself is easy to automate, so crystallization can be performed quickly and efficiently.

Broad-spectrum production machines
The second type of machine we produce is the high performance liquid chromatograph. High performance liquid chromatography equipment uses a stationary phase that is present in the form of particles filled into the column. The sample is pumped onto the column and the separation of THC and CBD is performed. We do not use solvent gradients unless the column is to be cleaned.

CBD Isolation Methods
The CBD isolation method defines the equipment, solvent or solvent combination used for extraction. The isolation method also defines key method variables, such as

Process temperature
Reaction time
Temperature, solvent gradient conditions and time
Sample conditions
Sample concentration
Sample volume
Flow rate
Assay parameters
Typically, the method is defined and then tested for repeatability, robustness, reproducibility, accuracy, precision, yield, and optionally linearity. These validation studies are essential to understand the validity of the results using the methods that have been defined by the manufacturing organization.

Crystallization of CBD Isolates
CBD crystals as a sample preparation method
The crystallization of CBD is a critical step in CBD isolation. A popular method for preparing samples for isolation is to smash CBD into CBD crystals.

This process involves first smashing the CBD to create crystals, then washing these crystals to remove excess matrix and any lingering THC. this yields a white powder with a purity of approximately 90%.

The next step in the method is to concentrate the matrix by removing the solvent so that it can be injected into the column. In this case, the chromatography needs to be adjusted to remove the THC from the remaining CBD that remains in the supernatant.

The recovered matrix and CBD are then added back into the CBD crystals. In this way a high recovery is ensured and the plant matrix is preserved.

Due to the high level of processing, the CBD isolate is not considered organic and cannot be proven to be organic. However, broad-spectrum fractions can certainly be prepared organically and labeled as organic.

extraktlab is a designer and manufacturer of many different types of equipment for cannabis processing and cannabis extraction. We also manufacture CBD isolators designed specifically for CBD isolate manufacturing. This THC repair equipment is called pure99.

At extraktLAB, we have helped many operators implement equipment and workflows to enable their operations to produce CBD isolate oil and CBD broad spectrum oil.


Make your own isolated CBD crystals!
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