Asus N76VZ, PC portable Or 14" léger (883€)

Here is a 14 inch Ultrabook offered on sale at less than 590 euros which has everything to seduce the fans of office with its balanced configuration. Under its lightweight gilded chassis, the Asus N76VZUA-EB549T features a recent Core i5-8250U, 4GB of RAM and a precious 1.1 TB hybrid storage (SSD 128 GB), all dominated by a Full HD mat NanoEdge display. This adds a Type-C USB connection and a correct autonomy.
Aesthetically, the N76VZ opts for a neat design with a metallic effect and a golden colour to the finish brushed on the lid. It's both sober and elegant. The interior is more classic with matte and smooth grey surfaces and includes a backlit keyboard to facilitate typing when ambient lighting is too low. But the charm of the Batterie Asus N76VZ exceeds the simple look to concentrate on its mobile propensity. A little bit thicker than the S15 (S510), it is however lighter 300 g and its hull is visibly more compact.
It is a pity that its autonomy does not necessarily follow its nomadic measurements with about 6 hours reached in Internet browsing with active Wifi. However, Asus puts forward its ability to recharge the battery to 60% in 49 minutes.
4400mAh Batterie pour Asus N76VZ
The ultrabook convinces with respect to performance with a Quad Core i5 Kaby Lake Refresh Low power and 4GB of RAM. This duo is perfectly comfortable with Office and multimedia tasks, including surfing on the Internet, video playback, Office work or photo editing (Photoshop, Lightroom). It can also tackle other somewhat more demanding missions (Adobe premiere) in reasonable proportions. Moreover, Multitaskers will not have enough fluency to multiply the tabs on the web because of the limited RAM.
In terms of storage, the system can rely on a hybrid configuration consisting of a dedicated SSD of 128 GB and a hard drive of consequent capacity. While the first, responsive and silent, will house the operating system and the majority of programs by providing them with fast response times, the second will arrange to archive all of your library. This is the perfect compromise between vivacity and storage space.
The screen plays a decisive role in the aesthetic rendering of the Ultrabook and its refined NanoEdge edges will not only increase the immersion sensation but also allow to slide a 14-inch slab into a 13-inch chassis. It has a Full HD definition (1920 x 1080 px) that makes available a healthy display density to modulate the display or view in the best conditions of the content in high definition. In addition, the anti-glare treatment facilitates viewing by high ambient brightness and the viewing angles are stabilized despite the use of TN.
Well distributed, the connection brings together most of the interfaces expected at the moment. There is an HDMI output, an SD card reader and three USB-Type ports, two of which are still limited by the 2.0 standard. A USB Type-C is also part of the game as well as the Wifi modules AC and Bluetooth 4.1. No fingerprint reader on the other hand.
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