In the future we have to pay attention to GPS jammer

The development prospect of signal jammer technology
Why is GPS jamming technology more and more important? The UK must reduce the dependency of its critical infrastructure and emergency services on GPS technology to mitigate against the potentially disastrous impact of signal jamming, a government report has warned.
“The last 15 years have seen a dramatic proliferation of GNSS jamming systems: from the preserve of the military, through criminal groups, to the point where jammers are now sought and owned by everyday citizens seeking to hide from a perceived risk of being tracked during their day-to-day lives."
Charles Curry, founder of GPS resilience company Chronos Technology and contributor to the report, told El Reg: “There is no difference in my mind between a cyber attack over the internet and a cyber attack using GPS jammer technology. It’s something that North Korea has been doing for some time, as well as Russia. What is to stop someone from switching on a high power jammer in central London and taking out the financial services sector?”
Under the Wireless and Telegraphy Act (2006) it is an offence to deliberately transmit within the GNSS frequency band without a licence or exemption notice. So the use of jamming devices is an offence – but possession of a device is not. "This means that courts have to prove intent to use, which can be difficult" said the report.
The new model might come in handy because the drone jammer reported only $23,325 in actual customer receipts last quarter — despite listing more than $100 million in potential “pipeline” sales in October.
The United States needs the help of drone high power jammer
Perfectjammer markets a rifle-style drone jammer, Drone jammer, which interferes with drone signals and allows a user to take control of a drone and guide it back to land.
Perfectjammer also plans to release “within days” a model of the wifi jammer called Drone jamming device tactical — which eliminates the need for a backpack holding extra equipment.
LOJACK Blocker
Among the companies and organizations working on such systems are Boeing, Raytheon, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, CACI, the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Sanad Academy, Sensofusion, SystemsGrok, Batelle, Blighter Surveillance, Systems DroneShield, Dedrone, CTS Technology, Theiss UAV Solutions, MCTech, Malou Tech, Guard from Above, Saab, UMS Aero Group, OpenWorks Engineering, Advanced Ballistics Concepts, Snake River Shooting Projects, Department 13, DeTect, Drone Defence, and Liteye Systems. Methods include jamming and ballistic interception with munitions and nets.
USAF aircrews began flying GPS-denied training sorties in 2010 as part of an initiative called “Readiness Project 2.” In 2013, the service developed a system called Simulated Programmable Aircraft-Embedded Jammer, which can realistically simulate GPS jamming on one plane's equipment without affecting others.
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