Why buy dolls?

There is nothing unusual about having ○△×□▽ dolls. If they were cheaper, most of us would do it. The cost of ○△×□▽ dolls is about the same as that of vehicles. I'm talking about the top model, not the inflatable model. These are about one hundred dollars. Trust me, there is no reason, despite any potential benefits.
More people will buy ○△×□▽ dolls because they are easier to hide. Look at porn. Everyone watches porn. In fact, even those who claim to have none.
My school roommate swears that she has never seen pornography in her life. She went to church. She has a sweetheart. She has Jesus. She does not need pornography.
So she said.
One weekend, my roommate went home. My companion and I celebrated in the dorm. We as a whole know Julia and her arrogance. For unknown reasons, we started discussing pornography. My roommate gave up completely.
After a heated discussion, we finally spied on her computer. What did we find? pornography. So much pornography. Shock?
My opinion-everyone watches porn, but many of us deny this. Similar ideas apply to ○△×□▽ dolls. If we can remove it, a large part of us will claim to own one and bolt it to a place where others cannot find and judge us.
So this philosophical discussion about ○△×□▽ dolls and ○△×□▽ robots did not have much impact. Except for weeds, alcohol, weapons, or free enterprise, pornography has not disrupted our way of life.
○△×□▽ dolls that speak with artificial intelligence will not disrupt our way of life. They will not pressure me in any way.
Many people will not get them. why? Because you cannot hide ○△×□▽ dolls in the organizer on the PC. You cannot eradicate your ○△×□▽ doll like your program history.
We all begin to admit that pornography is an inevitable choice in our lifestyle. We can say that everyone watches porn. We even make jokes. "Of course, I watch porn. Haha. Jessica James. Haha."
In any case, you do not welcome your partners to watch pornographic content.
Isn't it?
You will not let pornography be part of your drinking fountain conversation. why? Because of social stigma. Pornography is okay because it exists under the floor covering. ○△×□▽ dolls can't. Besides, they probably never will. There is no place in your home to store one safely. They take up a lot of space.
Some men who buy ○△×□▽ dolls hate humans. They just treat women as sexual objects, which coincides with their practice. In any case, countless men fully respect their female collaborators and respect womens commitment to society. They think that the ladies are equal. They just realized that they would never have ○△×□▽ with Megan Fox. There is nothing wrong with needing to have ○△×□▽ with Megan Fox-just looking at the other woman on this planet to her. Of course, some women who are dissatisfied with their needs will buy male dolls to solve their sexual needs.
Some men-and women-will reliably determine the simplest course of action. This may mean setting aside $10,000 for something compared to the young lady/child of their fantasy. Why should we judge?
Imagine a future in which every ○△×□▽ in the world excludes itself from the dating pool and chooses to be isolated from the real existence of ○△×□▽ robots.
Will there be such a terrible thing?
Every problem like this has ten aspects. ○△×□▽ robot. Striptease dancer. pornography. Sexual abuse. They can definitely release us or reinforce a bad mentality. Adding ○△×□▽ robots to social integration will not change much. The desire for sexual orientation returns for a large number of years. We should treat the disease, not the indication.
Nowadays, you can be ashamed of almost anything. That is pathetic. I hope we can keep our sexual experience away from any perceptible obstacles. In addition to experiencing our lives, don't rub on everyone's face. So many cover-ups and sneaks make us far inferior to any obsession or sexual behavior.
Therefore, perhaps with the advancement of innovation, our attitude towards ○△×□▽ will be the same.
Fingers crossed.
I have owned a ○△×□▽ doll before. Between the connections, I am curious about the side of my sexuality. I found an ordinary one on eBay for $500. She is a black hair. B-container. Sporty. Simple beauty.
Bonus: The dealer lives nearby. The truth is revealed. plural. A young couple chooses to raise money for their wedding. So I drove there to buy things. They alleviated most of my fears. No, I am not miserable and broken. I am not a weirdo. I am very typical.
Nevertheless, when I got home, my height was blurred. When I entered my parking area, the couple's transparency had no effect. Oops, I need to move this ○△×□▽ doll to my second floor apartment in one way or another without thinking too much. So I persisted until very late and wrapped her in a quilt.
○△×□▽, she's amazing.
It looked like I was pulling a corpse. A watch car happened to pass by me. Fortunately, there are no alarms or glowing lights.
This is where it hit me. No one would drag a corpse into their attic. Everything I do may seem strange, but it is not illegal.
I will be fine.
Having ○△×□▽ with my doll is incredible. I got some extras, and then we sailed to heaven. Love for dolls cannot replace accomplices. Nevertheless, it relieved a lot of pressure. I took full advantage of my fake ○△×□▽.
Investigating my sexual orientation with a doll may be more ethical than getting someone into a relationship I dont intend to continue. At the time, I just needed ○△×□▽. No discussion. There is no date night. There is only an elegant and satisfying body. no others. No difficulty.
The rest of me is centered on my PhD. My vocation for composing. My second job. I have no passion for a relationship.
What is it like to have ○△×□▽ with a doll? You would believe me to be unusual, but the feeling of being in the same class is similar to any night with a real person. That's because I don't need to accompany all the passionate connections that mess up one. So I did not miss the pad talk, chicks, sweet things. I will give my doll four stars. She is a very impulsive masturbation.
How special is it? Imagine that your best conversation repeats 20.
In any case, I kept my doll for about a quarter of a year before choosing to provide her. Excessive tension. Imagine a scene where a pest control officer spotted her. Even more frightening, imagine a scene where he messed up her. Likewise, it doesn't care about me becoming pure. Anyway, I took the dates home. I don't want anyone to discuss the possibility of her discovery.
I don't know that I regret it. In any case, I am afraid of being judged. I shouldn't. If I gradually determine my sexual orientation, I will reduce the pressure. In any case, how certain is any of us about our sexual behavior? We all like all kinds of unusual stubbornness and sexual dreams. We emphasize what others will think. ○△×□▽ dolls are the same.
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