How much do you know about dolls

Model spends huge sums of money on surgery to become "human ○△×□▽ doll"
Although she admits that her shocking appearance will undoubtedly hypnotize men, she may wish her accomplices to see that in addition to her overly sexy appearance, she has endless things.
Instagram from the UK showed that Cindy Moore has recently experienced a series of strategies, including breast enhancement, lip enhancement and ○△×□▽ enhancement, and the absolute cost adds up to a staggering £10,000; The Daily Star announced that she is currently working on the second breast enhancement Set aside something.
Explaining in detail that she is going to continue making major changes, this stunner finds that she likes Jessica Rabbit and Pamela Anderson and singles out their "ridiculous and sexy appearance", which she finds particularly charming and incredible.
"I like Angelina Jolie in "Beowulf", that kind of overly sexy and charming appearance," the model continued.
She shared that her brilliant career basically started with her frustration with her A cup breasts, which prompted her to go under the blade and improve her breasts into a huge DD cup. Over the years, she has further gained and lost weight. In the long run, her breasts have developed into GG, so she now feels a lot like a ○△×□▽ doll with "huge lips, huge breasts and a provocative appearance". This kind of big breasts generally does not exist in real life, only big breasts ○△×□▽ dolls
Cindy's showing off breast and lip augmentation helps her sexuality, and she admits that men seem to be "interested in her appearance"; in any case, her intimate life "does not exist now." She clarified that the reason was that the audience thought she was too sexy, even though her inner identity is unique compared to what is on the surface:
Cindy commented: "I am unpopular in business, free and family arrangements, but prefer to be like a ○△×□▽ doll! I am a problem", including the reason why she does not date often is that some men will investigate "characters, not the real me" .
Nevertheless, despite her outrageous sexuality, she can conclude that the possibility that someone is really interested in her is very small because "it is difficult for a man to see through this."
"A strong person needs to think about his ○△×□▽. I hope to find him one day," the model pointed out jokingly.
Although she looked like a doll, she said that there were no calls from the ○△×□▽ robot organization trying to make her the essence of their brand, although she admitted that she "would like Cindy ○△×□▽ dolls."
Now the ○△×□▽ doll industry is exploding, especially in South Korea. Neighborhood media estimated that the total turnover of the ○△×□▽ toy industry in 2017 was generally US$177 million (£135 million), and there was further emotional development in a separate market. Now ○△×□▽ dolls Usually tpe ○△×□▽ dolls and silicone ○△×□▽ dolls, they have full-size ○△×□▽ dolls and torso ○△×□▽ dolls, they can help us solve our sexual needs very well.
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