Toys are tools for self-exploration

The word "color" is really a knife, will it harm others and yourself? Many Asians are conservative on the issue of ○△×□▽ and ○△×□▽, and Vera, who is also the founder of ○△×□▽ toy store SallyCoco and "Women's festival" and a ○△×□▽ educator, said that the "knife" in the word "color" is actually people The value of forcibly imposed, the word "color" is innocent!
Vera is a Hong Kong girl born and raised in Asia where she has a conservative attitude towards sexuality. Very few people discuss sexual issues with her. Who would have thought that a love relationship at the age of 23 would become an important turning point in her life.
○△×□▽ toys are never filthy, it is a tool for self-exploration.
SallyCoco Founder
How does Vera, the founder of SallyCoco., see "color"?
In the same year, Vera received the first personality toy from her boyfriend two months after dating, breaking her old understanding of ○△×□▽ again, and guiding her to her career journey like a holy thing, and the story unfolds like this.
"I started being sexually active when I was 17 years old, but I have never understood ○△×□▽ for 7 or 8 years, and never felt enjoyment. I felt that I did it to satisfy the other person until I received my first ○△×□▽ toy." On the night of receiving her boyfriend’s gift, She is like a child who has come into contact with toys for the first time. From the unknown to the curious, she began to search for information on the Internet; delved into the usage; carefully understood her most private body structure, "I got the first orgasm in my life that night." In fact, this is the case. There are many things. For example, many single men buy ○△×□▽ dolls to meet their needs and desires. There are many types and styles of ○△×□▽ dolls. We can choose according to the type we like. If you are an anime lover, then you You can choose an anime ○△×□▽ doll, or if you are a person you like but can’t get her, then you can customize a full-size ○△×□▽ doll to make a physical doll based on her appearance. If you want to be a mature one Women have ○△×□▽, so you can choose mature ○△×□▽ dolls, etc. So we don’t let our minds go so dead, Vera said with excitement, "Why hasn’t anyone shared this before? Why ○△×□▽ can only be related to salty wetness, not Ya, filthy?" On the day after that holy night, she and her boyfriend seriously discussed this fresh journey. When the 23-year-old toy inspired them to build a sharing platform, she hoped that more people would know this person. The beauty that people should have, "Since toys are exploration tools, it is better to start educational knowledge by selling ○△×□▽ toys, so that people can explore their own bodies." In this way, they established Sally Coco ○△×□▽ toys company and entered the industry .
And the boyfriend of the year has not only become Vera's sexual enlightenment, but now he has become a husband and wife.
Lust can also be a kind of charm, can't it?
"Laughter" sounds like a wink word, but Vera thinks it may not be a bad thing.
Vera said: "When the other party is unwilling, insecure, and not respected, lust is of course "bad salty wetness", but if you are in a happy relationship, you can understand the sexual preference of the other party and yourself. Knowing what intensity of vibration you like; what size; what material of sexy underwear... When a person can fully understand what he wants in ○△×□▽ and has taste, this kind of "lewdness" is very attractive! However, few people in Hong Kong can do it. They don't even know their body structure. How can they understand their preferences better? "
"○△×□▽" and ""
"Love" VS "○△×□▽"
Many sexologists have also discussed this topic, but Vera believes that in fact everyone has different views and tendencies towards them. She believes that "love" and "○△×□▽" are multi-dimensional and have many different combinations. For example, some people must have love to have ○△×□▽; some accept that ○△×□▽ is separated; some enjoy the emotions brought about by ○△×□▽; and some people hate ○△×□▽ but live because of love. The process of satisfying each other to get pleasure, whether to separate or coexist actually depends on the individual, but Hong Kong people generally have a narrow definition of these two words.
"Fashion" VS "○△×□▽"
○△×□▽ has many important influences on fashion. "Rope" and "Collar" are both master and slave symbols from SM. ○△×□▽ has a great influence on our culture and fashion. "○△×□▽" also includes gender, sexual orientation, and sexual identity. The gender diversity and neutrality that are popular in the fashion climate now remind people that they can be themselves, so the development of social gender culture also affects fashion.
"Spirit" VS "○△×□▽"
Spirit and nature coexist, not contradictory. "Tantric ○△×□▽" is one kind of sexual experience that requires spirituality to experience. It emphasizes the exchange of energy between two people. There is a kind of "here and now" called by New Age, which is a very mindful and spiritual experience. .
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