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The longer the couple spends time together, the pleasure of ○△×□▽ may gradually become the same. Not to mention the husbands being discouraged, and the wives may also be at a loss. It is better to try out ○△×□▽ toys and get new ideas. The editor interviewed the owner of a ○△×□▽ toy store and revealed the 5 most popular ○△×□▽ toys for women, which may help husbands choose the toys that can arouse the ○△×□▽ appeal of their wives the most. In addition, earlier Hong Kong Feng Shui interior designer Thierry Chow collaborated with ○△×□▽ toy brand We-Vibe to explain how to combine ○△×□▽ toys with Feng Shui to attract better energy to our lives.
○△×□▽ doll
It is well known that ○△×□▽ dolls sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rainy day during the epidemic. During that time, the sales of physical dolls can be said to be very scary. According to data, she is dozens of times the usual sales. When you and your significant other half After a conflict occurs or the relationship becomes dull, you can try some new things to reawaken your sexual desire. For men, you can buy a mature ○△×□▽ doll to make you feel the special flavor of a different mature woman. If you are a woman, you can choose a man to love a doll, and you will find that this man will make you feel fulfilled.
Hong Kong women rank first in global epidemic affecting ○△×□▽ life
Smile Makers, a leading brand of female sexual pleasure products, recently conducted a survey on the epidemic and ○△×□▽ life. It was found that 1 out of every 2 Hong Kong women felt that their ○△×□▽ life was affected by the epidemic, and the proportion became the highest among the 7 markets across Europe, Asia and the United States. The survey also found that women aged 25 to 34 have a demand for massage vibrators as much as 54%, and users of massage vibrators in Hong Kong are twice as satisfied with their sexual life as non-users. So it’s time for ladies to step out of the traditional framework and buy ○△×□▽ toys to please yourself. If you also want to start to embrace "○△×□▽" and "love", Smile Makers' adult products are available in Watsons online and shops, GOXIP, HKTV Mall Buy it!
Top5 ○△×□▽ toys that are most popular among women. Massage sticks
You can listen to massage sticks a lot, but there are at least more than 20 styles on the market. In addition to the traditional design with different length and vibration intensity options, there are also many options such as simulation, metal, silicone, etc., the most special and attractive to customers The reason, it turned out to be the new double drilling design in recent years. The owner of Joyful Night said that customers will feel that the orgasm feels stronger, and it can achieve actions and effects that real people can't do, so it has been selling well.
Top4 ○△×□▽ toys that are most popular among women.
According to the boss, many women used up the vibrator and will buy the vibrator again in the near future. The reason is that the vibrator can be used at any time and is convenient to take out of the street. The most important thing is that the shape design is becoming more and more fashionable, even if it is not at home. Be careful to let your family see it. The other party may not know what the real person is. Many customers will feel more at ease and increase their desire to buy.
The most popular ○△×□▽ toys for women. Top3. Orgasm cream
Orgasm cream is neither dynamic nor convenient to use. Why do so many women buy it? The reason is actually because many women feel that their spouse is not strong when making love, and pretending to be an orgasm does not necessarily have the energy, so they simply use "Mrs. Happy" to satisfy their spouse’s vanity and at the same time satisfy themselves. Kill two birds with one stone.
The most popular ○△×□▽ toys for women Top2. Receiving yin ○△×□▽
The boss explained that yin ball collection is considered as a health product. In addition to being used for yin collection exercises for postpartum mothers, more and more new products also have the effect of shaking eggs, and at the same time can exercise vaginal muscles and solve the problem of vaginal relaxation. It makes the ○△×□▽ firmer and makes love easier. It is the first choice for many experienced or postpartum moms.
The most popular ○△×□▽ toys for women. Top1. Pheromone lip balm
No matter the appearance or the effect, the pheromone lip balm is no different from the high-end brand lipstick. Of course, except for the lip moisturizing effect, it will definitely not make people suspect that it is a ○△×□▽ toy when taken out of the street, but the pheromone lip balm will cost less. Lomon, arousing the desire of men to kiss, the boss said that it can also increase the goodwill of the other party to him, and the most important thing is that the price is relatively affordable and cost-effective. In addition to satisfying themselves, people most want to have more people appreciate themselves, and just like this, pheromone lip balm has become the best-selling ○△×□▽ toy.
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