What do these toys mean to girls

Audiences familiar with "○△×□▽ AND THE CITY" will certainly not forget such details: In this American TV series, which is regarded as a treasure of ○△×□▽ by many single urban women, there have been many times of exquisite shapes and attractive colors of ○△×□▽ toys. In particular, Charlotte, one of the heroines, bought a pink "Passion Bunny" (electric simulation masturbation device) after being introduced by a friend when her love and marriage were in vain. After using it several times, she became addicted to it. Among them, so that in order to enjoy this kind of pleasure at home, instead of attending friends' gatherings and not making a real man, in the end, a few boudoirs rushed into her home and threw the "passionate bunny" out of the window. Come to an end. What do ○△×□▽ toys mean to women? When you pick up such a special device and even bring it into your ○△×□▽ life, what is its role? Is it to entertain your sexual partner, to enrich your ○△×□▽ life, or to entertain yourself? In today's China, although ○△×□▽ shops under the banner of ○△×□▽ shops are all over urban and rural areas, when you actually walk into these shops, the real ○△×□▽ toys you can see are still very limited; and in the sexual consciousness of Chinese women , The space occupied by real ○△×□▽ toys is even less and less...○△×□▽ devices come quietly, silently and without interest. With the rapid increase of the migrant population (marital separation between husband and wife), divorced persons, and singles, the potential market for social ○△×□▽ products in China is growing: Some experts said: "Consumers’ needs are the most important thing in the ○△×□▽ market. Good reason." According to statistics, more than 60% of people who buy ○△×□▽ devices are women. Looking at the ○△×□▽ tools sold in ○△×□▽ shops, most of their functional designs are also for women. Imagine if the object it serves is still evasive, what fate will it face? An interesting question is that ○△×□▽ tools are for you as a woman, so you should enjoy this pleasure with confidence. After all, when you have an orgasm, you are the immediate beneficiary. Therefore, feminists tend to put the status of ○△×□▽ tools higher than men. In their lives, maybe they can really not need men, just ○△×□▽ tools. ○△×□▽ equipment is very small, but it can make your ○△×□▽ life completely different from the past. why not?

Four ○△×□▽ tools plus the biggest boss ○△×□▽ doll
Electric shock egg: The simplest electric principle is to make a small ball-shaped object vibrate. If it only vibrates in the air, it may not play any entertainment role, but please note that its vibration position is in your ○△×□▽ Inside, and you can still manipulate it.
Electric ○△×□▽ simulator: its appearance is no different from the real ○△×□▽ device, and it is more beautiful and has more functions. Due to the material problem, it will also have various colors and sizes, you can buy and use it according to your actual situation according to your needs.
Delay ring: Give women multiple cares and give men a longer time for fun. The thumb-shaped comforter, plus the erected soft thorn, makes it easier for women to be happy. It can stimulate the sensitive areas of women and increase the interest of sexual love; it can also extend the time of ○△×□▽ for men. This small ring has a charming pearly color, pink, white, blue, purple, yellow, and green, which is like a toy. You can't put it down!
Flirting suit: Including a variety of different functional design thickening sleeves and crystal sleeves, massage sticks, double vibration eggs and delay rings, and a bottle of advanced human body lubricant. With such a well-equipped ○△×□▽ toy, do you want to have it after seeing it? You can choose to use it according to your own preferences. The thicker sleeve can be put on or used on the imitation metal vibrating massage stick at will; the small crystal sleeve can be used on the finger; the imitation metal vibrating massage stick can be used alone or with the thicker sleeve for use; delay ring sleeve Use it on your fingers, or bring it; the shake egg can be used in sensitive areas.
Real doll
As we all know, the sales of physical dolls during the epidemic have been rising madly by dozens of times than usual. ○△×□▽ dolls are a kind of lifelike ○△×□▽ toys that are closest to real people. They can help us solve our sexual needs, and we can also choose the type we like. Choose the doll we want according to the style. Now the dolls are high-quality ○△×□▽ dolls, both silicone dolls and tpe dolls. Of course, there are robot ○△×□▽ dolls that will simulate the sound and restore the most real ○△×□▽ scenes for you. We can also use her to improve our ○△×□▽ ability and ○△×□▽ skills, and make ourselves more confident
If you want to buy ○△×□▽ toys, you need to pay attention to the following points.
1. Branded adult products are relatively special items. It is best to choose a well-known brand when buying, so that both quality and safety and hygiene are guaranteed, especially some products with thorns and beads. Not good, it is easy to fall off during use and stay in the female ○△×□▽, causing greater trouble.
2. Material Adult products mostly need to be in direct contact with the skin, especially the private parts of the body. If the product material is not selected properly, it will bring safety hazards to your own health. Therefore, before buying, determine whether the product material meets the national safety standards and whether it is safe , Will direct contact cause skin irritation.
3. Purpose, you must buy something that suits you. Some people are cold, choose stimulating and appealing adult products, such as erotic underwear, aphrodisiac, etc.; some people have physical obstacles, they choose nourishing and strengthening the body; some people want To increase interest, satisfy the target, and pursue a better quality of sexual life, choose couples flirting. In short, which kind of adult products should be selected according to their own requirements, and do not buy without choice.
Fourth, the price is good as the saying goes, good goods are not cheap, and cheap goods are not good. Therefore, you must not be greedy for the cheap when buying adult products. It is better to choose the moderate price. After all, adult products are not more affordable than other products. The more features, the higher the price. And the price difference between domestic and imported products is also very large. Therefore, it is a good choice to spend more money to buy a good thing with peace of mind. V. Quality Generally speaking, a product can only be known if its quality is good or not until it is used. However, in view of the particularity of adult products, once used, they cannot be returned. So how do you know if the product you are buying has quality problems?
Method 1: Check whether there are cracks, scratches, or incomplete appearance.
Method 2: Install the battery on the electric appliance, turn on the switch, and see if the appliance expands and contracts normally, vibrates, rotates, etc. 6. The credit market of merchants is very hot, and the merchants can naturally see business opportunities. Then there will be an endless stream of unscrupulous operators. Therefore, buying ○△×□▽ toys online needs to choose regular merchants and malls, and all matters should be confirmed. Trading. Here are several ways to recommend: 1. Taobao’s most famous store is the Okamoto flagship store, and the material of the product is relatively safe. 2. The most professional store on Tmall is a small yellow chicken adult product franchise store, which does not have secondary sales and confidential delivery. 3. The most trendy store on Taobao is Lucia's Lover. This is a charity ○△×□▽ toy store. The products are relatively novel. Basically every toy can make women orgasm. I think it is more reliable. 7. Adult products repair and maintenance. Some people buy products and focus on the price and function of the product, but ignore the later maintenance of the product. Some adult products, especially appliances, are used multiple times. Storage is also very important, so you must understand the product's performance, storage conditions, cleaning conditions, etc. when purchasing products, especially charged products, especially should be paid attention to.
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