Fornication holiday

Lizi is 28 years old this year. After she tried her best, the company finally agreed to her vacation abroad. Lizi finally chose Sabah, Malaysia as a vacation destination. Only in this way, she does not have to worry about meeting local tourists, but can Free yourself well. Although it was necessary to make two transfers, she felt that it was worth arriving at the destination. After checking in at the hotel, Lizi couldn’t wait to change into her favorite bikini but had no chance to wear it. Looking at herself in the mirror, thinking about the past In a year, the coolest clothes were just knee-length skirts, and I felt that I owed myself a good figure. She is a woman with a strong sexual desire. When she does not have a man, she often secretly uses a ○△×□▽ toy to solve her sexual needs by herself.
To be cautious, Li Zi first put on her bathrobe and headed to the hotel, which is the only beach on the island. I looked around, and it turned out that most of them were Western faces, and there were a few Orientals, but they should be Japanese. It didn't take long for Lizi to feel a lot of gazes around her.
This is not surprising. A beauty with a figure like Lizi and 35C 27 36 measurements naturally attracts attention. Although there are some Western girls on the beach who are more prominent than her, they don't have her fair and flawless skin.
Gradually, some men began to come up to talk, but Lizi always smiled and declined. It's not that Lizi is too introverted, but she always feels uncomfortable with Westerners. But I have been lying quietly for a long time, and I feel weird and boring.
As she was about to go swimming, a young man with an oriental face stood in front of her and asked her in English, "Are you Japanese?"
As soon as Lizi looked up, well, handsome and pleasing to the eye, she looked like a Singaporean, but she didn't seem to know Lizi, so she replied, "No, I am a Singaporean."
"Singaporean? Ah, I get it!" The man pointed to the bicycle he was holding and said excitedly.
"It doesn't seem to be a Singaporean," Lizi thought to herself, and asked "Where are you from?"
The man was very happy to see that Lizi was willing to talk, he snapped a bunch of words, and Zhao Yun was dizzy and confused. After tossing for a long time, I finally realized that he was a Chinese-Australian, named Edison, 30 years old. His grandfather’s generation had immigrated to the United States, so he couldn’t speak a word of Chinese. Get up for vacation.
Li Zi was relieved by this, and started chatting with him in fluent English and gestures. After chatting for a while, Edison invited Lizi to play beach volleyball and introduced her brother and two cousins to her. Because she had very little swimsuit fabric, it was inevitable that she would have to bend over, raise her legs, and even sit down sometimes. On the ground, it always attracted 4 men to stare sharply at his chest and the triangle between his legs.
Lizi likes this feeling very much. She often attracts the attention of others in Singapore, but most people always pay attention to her beauty and ignore her figure. Today these four people are completely attracted by Lizi's toned figure.
In fact, it was not just that they were watching Lizi, but she also peeked at the protruding parts of their hips from time to time, and she was enthusiastic in seeing her. Lizi has sexual experience, although not much, but not a virgin. Since Li Zi joined a large foreign company, and she is busy with work, she has no time to make a boyfriend, let alone ○△×□▽. It has been a year and a half since she has had ○△×□▽. Now there are four young half-naked men around him, and they can't help but feel a little bit happy, but when she wants to return, she wants to have ○△×□▽ with the man she just met, Li Zi still dare not ask herself.
After a while, the other three people want to go back to the hotel pool to swim, and Edison invites Lizi to go sailing. They drove a sailboat around the island, the sun was shining on Lizi's skin, and the sea breeze was blowing, she felt extremely comfortable.
Suddenly Lizi remembered that she hadn't put on sunscreen for a long time. If she got a bronzer, she would be laughed to death by her colleagues when she returned. Quickly took out the bottle of suntan lotion with the highest coefficient from the bag. It was not turned on yet, Edison stopped the boat and motioned to help Lizi wipe it.
Lizi hesitated, thinking that this was probably Western courtesy, so it was inconvenient to refuse, so she handed the oil to Edison, and lied on the deck generously to let him rub the oil. Edison wiped it from his shoulder and when he wiped it on his back, he said he wanted to untie the bikini strap so that there would be no print. Lizi thinks that it makes sense, and then nodded in agreement. When the strap was untied, Lizi had a feeling of doing bad things, a little scared, and a little expecting something would happen, which was very exciting.
Edison's broad palms, smeared with sunscreen on the back of Lizi, made her feel very comfortable. There was a faint flow of heat flowing from the pubic area to her lower body. As the hull shook slightly, her mind was also dizzy. Slowly, Edison's hand wiped Lizi's buttocks. Originally, this bikini could only cover half of her ○△×□▽. Edison also intentionally or unintentionally reached into the swimming trunks and gently rubbed it. Lizi wanted to resist, but for some reason she couldn't tell, she just felt that her body was getting hotter. Fortunately, Edison moved his hands off his hips and rubbed his thighs and calves instead.
After wiping the back, Edison signaled Lizi to turn over. She turned over and lay flat on the bra, let Edison wipe her abdomen, thighs, and calves. Lizi thought it was over. She seemed a little disappointed in her heart, but she didn’t expect his hands to return to her thighs. , Rubbing gently on the inner side, pressing it, getting higher and higher, pulling his hand away just when he was about to reach the private part.
This Ruoyuowu teasing made Lizi look like countless ants crawling all over her body, which was very uncomfortable. She didn't know whether to praise his gentlemanly demeanor or scold him as a coward.
At this time Edison asked Lizi, why not take off her bra and sunbathe, Lizi was startled and shook her head quickly, but Edison hurriedly explained that this is normal in the United States, she said that she gradually softened, thinking that now that she has gone abroad , Why not be bold, and unbuttoned the shoulder straps shyly. Unexpectedly, the bra has not been completely removed. Edison has already applied sunscreen to Lizi's breasts coldly, too late to stop it.
Edison's hand only rubbed Lizi's breasts for more than 10 seconds before leaving, but it made her nipples up, making her face flushed, but Edison didn't seem to notice, and signaled Lizi to also help him with sunscreen. The two immediately changed positions, and Edison was lying on the deck. Lizi painted Edison like a gourd, and when he wiped his ○△×□▽, he suddenly took off his swimming trunks. Lizi was at a loss for a while. He quickly explained that they sometimes sunbathe on the celestial beach in the United States and feel good. . Lizi was dubious, so she had to continue to paint.
Touching Edison's bare buttocks, he couldn't help but start to think about "That sturdy ○△×□▽, it must be able to penetrate..." After thinking about it, an impulse came up spontaneously.
After wiping the back, Edison turned over, and a swarthy dark eyelash immediately appeared in front of Zhao Yun, surrounded by thick pubic hair, which was bigger than Lizi's previous boyfriend’s ○△×□▽, and it was already in a semi-erected state. He blushed again, but looked at Edison with his eyes closed, his expression calm, and he felt too much heart. Lizi was careful not to stumble on the vaginal eyelashes, but as she applied her, his vaginal eyelashes grew bigger and bigger, slowly standing up, and Lizi's heartbeat was getting faster and faster, and a stream of heat flowed down her body again.
After finally rubbing her whole body, Edison got up, smiled and pointed at Lizi's swimming trunks to signal her to take it off. She naturally refused, so Edison said that it was only in this way that she could be fully integrated with nature, and her body and mind could be completely unbound, and so on. Lizi is noncommittal, but she no longer shakes her head. In fact, she is also very contradictory in her heart. The moral concept she has accepted since childhood does not allow her to be naked in front of strange men, but on the other hand, she is very emotional.
Edison saw that Lizi was no longer insisting, so he asked her to lie down, lifted her ○△×□▽, took off her swimming trunks, and lay next to her. Lizi was a little frightened, but she didn't know what she was going to do, but she didn't object anymore.
The deck of the sailboat is very narrow. Edison closed his eyes and put his hands around his chest, enjoying the sun leisurely, but Lizi was in a state of confusion. Because of the close proximity, Lizi's hand is equivalent to being placed on him, and it will reach Edison's pubic hair with a slight movement. Similarly, when he moves his hand, it will also reach Lizi's chest. Gradually, Lizi felt Edison's hand slowly stretched out, and gently rubbed it on her left breast. Suddenly the pores all over her body were like electric shocks, and the kinky water finally flowed out.
Since Lizi did not resist, or she had been looking forward to it for a long time, Edison's rubbing strength gradually increased and her breathing became more and more rapid. Then he turned sideways and turned Lizi's body towards herself, changing Two people face to face. Edison put his mouth on Lizi's cherry lips, opened her teeth without much effort, and put his tongue into vd2's mouth, stirring intensely with Lizi's fragrant tongue. Her right hand rubbed Lizi's left breast heavily, and her left hand first went to hold her hand to hold her ○△×□▽, and then attacked Lizi's private parts. Under the combined blow of the upper, middle and lower, her lewd water continued to flow out, and the pleasure came one after another, closing her eyes and enjoying silently.
After 5 or 6 minutes, the fingers of Edison's left hand moved faster and faster. The flood of lewd water made his palm wet, and he made a "chirp" sound when it stirred the pubic nucleus. Li Zi couldn't help it anymore, she raised her head and started groaning. So Edison stopped kissing Lizi, and turned to suck her nipples, and the fingers that touched continued to accelerate, making Zhao Yun screaming.
Edison saw that Zhao Yun was already very excited. Apart from anything else, he flattened Lizi, pulled her legs apart, and pointed the bloodshot ○△×□▽ to Nun and was about to insert it. At this moment, Lizi suddenly became sober and hurriedly grabbed the ○△×□▽ and shook her head, but Edison ignored her, pushed her hand away, and the big ○△×□▽ fell into two-thirds of her waist. Lizi yelled, very happy, since she was already fucked, she stopped pretending to be reserved, holding Edison tightly, her legs spread out, making him easy to pump.
Edison is not polite, twisting his waist, and doing more than two hundred strokes in one breath, Lizi keeps screaming
The ○△×□▽, which had not been penetrated for more than a year, was particularly sensitive, and the intense pleasure produced waves of stimulation of the central nervous system, so that Lizi could not resist a screaming scream, Lizi reached an unprecedented climax.
Almost at the same time, Edison panted heavily and pulled out his ○△×□▽, a thick stream of semen sprayed out, landing on Lizi's pretty face and hair.
After the incident, Lizi's tired limbs were weak. Edison gently hugged her in his arms and helped her wipe the semen from her face. Lizi was no longer reserved, but she was very shy thinking about the scream just now, "Fortunately, he doesn't understand what my name is," Lizi thought.
After hugging each other for a while, Edison suggested to swim in the water, washing off sweat and mucus by the way. Li Zi readily agreed, and the two of them were swimming in the blue sea basket sky.
After returning to the boat, Edison put his arms around Lizi, expressing his desire to do it again. Lizi blushed and acquiesced, so Edison lay down first, told Lizi to climb on top of him in a 69 position, and began to perform oral ○△×□▽ for each other.
Lizi doesn't have many oral ○△×□▽ and her skills are not good. But over the past year or so, Lizi’s main pastime has been watching CDs, which naturally include some Japanese adult CDs and even A-films without mosaics.
So Lizi only recalled the content of these videos a little bit, using her talents, and gradually getting better.
I saw Lizi's small mouth holding the glans for a while and sucking, then lightly picking up the horse's eyes with her fragrant tongue, and then swallowing the whole ○△×□▽ again, and squeezing her head up and down. And he didn't idle his hands, he fiddled with his ○△×□▽ for a while, stroked his ○△×□▽ for a while, and yanked at Edison's asshole for a while, making him about to explode. But Edison is not a fuel-efficient lamp after all. Using both hands and mouth, he sucked and touched and attacked Lizi’s ○△×□▽ and nucleus, causing her lewd water to flow out, and she started humming again. Although she wanted to fight back, she gradually couldn’t even scream. , Can no longer contain Edison's ○△×□▽.
At this point, the battle was on the one-sided side. In addition to breathing and groaning, Lizi could only barely hold Edison's ○△×□▽, but she had nothing to tease. After Edison got a rest, he concentrated on licking Lizi's force, and even inserted his middle finger into the ○△×□▽ and pumped. Although the middle finger is not as thick as a ○△×□▽, it is better than agile, fast thrusting and constant rotation, so that Lizi dismisses her armour and screams again and again.
Amidst the screams, Lizi struggled to escape, but Edison held her slender waist tightly and her fingers accelerated. Suddenly, a puff of yin essence vented from the depths of the ○△×□▽ and spilled on Edison's face.
Edison was satisfied, licked the yin on his mouth, got up, told Lizi to continue lying on her stomach, holding her waist, and thrusting the ○△×□▽ all the way from behind.
Before Li Zi had saved her orgasm, she was touched by Edison's big ○△×□▽ again. She was so happy that she begged her grandpa to tell her grandma and kept begging for mercy. Edison didn't seem to hear it, but instead thrusted harder and fucked her ○△×□▽ fiercely. In the peaceful surroundings, Lizi's frantic screams and the clash of her buttocks seemed particularly loud.
In this way, facing the blue water, Lizi's buttocks were raised high, letting a big ○△×□▽ go in and out of her ○△×□▽ frantically, as if everything in the world was admiring her obsession, an inexplicable stimulus that made her wish to take all the lewdness It's fun to shout out all the words.
After seven or eight hundred hard work, Edison was finally about to vent his semen, and hurriedly turned Lizi around, stuffed the ○△×□▽ into her small mouth, and shot the semen into Lizi's mouth.
Lizi was almost exhausted, she didn't even have the strength to spit out her semen, she could only let the semen flow out from the corners of her mouth slowly. After a long break, Edison puts on Lizi's swimsuit and sails back.
After returning to the hotel, Edison sent Lizi back to the room, and took her into the bathroom for flushing, and on the toilet in the bathroom, he fucked her again. That night Edison slept in Lizi’s room and smashed her twice. He played all the poses he knew on the bed, on the floor, sofa, dressing table, and balcony, except for Lizi’s asshole. The orgasm was piled up, hoarse, and fell asleep until the next afternoon.
Lizi woke up the next day and found that Edison had left, but she was still weak in limbs, ordered dinner to settle in the room hastily, and fell asleep again.
This is comparable to the stimulation she uses with a doll. She could only use ○△×□▽ toys when she was alone. In order to make that feel more realistic, she bought a male doll, but the thing was not as exciting and powerful as this feeling.
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