Toys will be very popular in China

What should I do if I can't find my wife? Inflatable dolls come to help! Under the influence of many years of family planning policies and the traditional concept of patriarchal patriarchy, the current ratio of men to women in the Chinese population is seriously imbalanced. However, this disorder has greatly promoted the development of special manufacturing ○△×□▽ toys.
Deutsche Welle Chinese website Xu Guangshi walked through his factory leisurely, with a happy expression on his face. The young entrepreneur waved his hand and said to his employees, "Although there are still many people who can't let go, our business is booming." At this time, workers on the assembly line are producing and assembling the core product of the enterprise-inflatable dolls.
In China today, millions of men cannot find a wife. Li Yinhe, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a well-known sociologist, told the German News Agency that "this is a patriarchal society." Many families tend to have sons in order to continue the incense from generation to generation. Many pregnant women were found to be girls at the pregnancy test and chose to have an abortion-although ○△×□▽-selective abortions are expressly prohibited.
Chinese "leftover men"
Strict family planning policies and cheap B-ultrasound examinations have made the problem worse. According to estimates by the Beijing Family Planning Commission, 30 million Chinese men aged 20 to 45 will be "left over" by 2020. Under this current situation, the criminal activities of abducting and trafficking women have been repeatedly banned, and many young girls have been trafficked to lonely bachelors in remote areas. Women from neighboring countries who cannot get married also come to China one after another to get lucky, hoping to catch the golden turtle son in law.
Shanghai Adult Products Exhibition
In this way, China has fallen into a strange circle that seems to be a paradox: on the one hand, the government prohibits pornography and prostitution; on the other hand, the government's family planning policy has led to a continuous increase in the proportion of men, providing fertile ground for the development of the ○△×□▽ toy industry.
How to find an outlet for desire? "The absence of a wife does not mean that there is no sexual desire. At this time, our products come in handy," said Xu Guangshi, the owner of the factory. He is 31 years old this year, and his POLO shirt has a collar. His factory can produce 10,000 inflatable dolls per month, and the cheapest doll is only 150 yuan.
Inflatable doll calculation supplies
In the factory next door, a worker is making inflatable doll heads. The boss Xu Guangshi picked up one of them and introduced: "Some people like white skin, and some people like wheat skin. We can do anything, of course, special customization will cost extra." He said that inflatable dolls can also be made into plump bodies. Yes, it costs about 160 yuan.
Why did the Chinese government, which has always strictly prohibited pornography, give such a loose development environment to the ○△×□▽ toy manufacturing industry? Xu Guangshi thinks this is not difficult to understand. He said that his products are in line with the family planning policy, "making love with an inflatable doll, without contraception, and will not be infected with sexually transmitted diseases."
In fact, ○△×□▽ toys are often sold together with contraceptives, and ○△×□▽ toys are officially regarded as a kind of family planning supplies.
An increasingly open Chinese society
Today's Chinese society has become more and more open towards ○△×□▽. "Many women buy inflatable dolls for their husbands," Xu Guangshi said. He said that many women now buy ○△×□▽ toys for their husbands during pregnancy, which was unimaginable in previous years.
A hawker who sells adult products on the street
In China, ○△×□▽ shops are called "adult shops", which can be described as "a special landscape" in the city. Even in the city center of first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, these shops are commonplace. Currently, Xu Guangshi's customers are mainly concentrated in Asia, but he plans to export more to Europe in the future. According to industry experts, most ○△×□▽ toys in the world are currently produced in China.
A recent invention may bring a new breakthrough: 3D printer. Xu Guangshi was full of praise for this, saying that with this technology, production will become more precise. Whether the prototype is the goddess in the heart or the beloved wife at home, inflatable dolls will be readily available. In addition, Xu Guangshi also thought about how to win the female market. "If Beckham agrees, we can produce thousands of Beckham inflatable dolls." There is nothing impossible to think of!
Many businesses have also seized this business opportunity. Nowadays, in a society with more men and fewer women, women are in high demand, so many people have seized this point. Now there are a large number of physical dolls on the market, especially During the epidemic, you will find that the sales of ○△×□▽ dolls are dozens of times higher than usual. What does this show? It shows that there are a lot of single people, and they are all eager to have ○△×□▽, so when they are alone, they will want to use other methods to solve their sexual needs, use some ○△×□▽ toys, watch a lot of pornographic videos to make their own Sexual needs reach the most exciting point. Many dissatisfied women will use some cucumbers, vibrators and other ○△×□▽ toys to solve them. Some also want to pursue a more perfect choice. They will choose to buy a full-size male doll. Let them get the best release and reach climax. For men, they will choose realistic ○△×□▽ dolls, curvy ○△×□▽ dolls, choose from the types they like, and can also choose custom options, that is, you tell the merchants your requirements, and the merchants will make them according to your requirements. Your full-size ○△×□▽ doll.
Now the ○△×□▽ doll industry is raging like a flood. It can help not to solve sexual needs, and it can also be with us as friends.
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