My days in the insurance company

I just discharged from the army this year and applied to a well-known insurance company to work. When I first went to work in this branch, I felt that the office was large and decent. There were a lot of people in the office, as if everyone was busy.
One night, our unit had a birthday event. After dinner, we went to sing KTV together. This was how we met Xu Xli, assistant secretary of our unit.
Because Xiaoli lived in Section 4 of Xinyi Road, like me, everyone was making a fuss and asked me to send Xiaoli home by the way. I think Xiaoli also had a good impression of my handsome boy who is 181 cm tall.
To be honest, Xiaoli looks very nice, with very fine white skin, long hair, and she looks very cute. She has big eyes. She is only 19 years old this year. She graduated from Yuda and is 156 cm tall. She is a petite and linglong type. Girl, just like me, I just came to work in the company. Xiaoli doesn't like to talk or sing. I guess she may be shy, so we were dubbed boyfriend and girlfriend.
The first time I asked Xiaoli to go out and take her to Yangmingshan to enjoy the night view, I took her by the hand and I did... it was so ○△×□▽ good, and the second child immediately became hard. I saw that she didn't refuse, so I pulled her into the bushes, sat on the ground with her arms around her, gently kissed her mouth, and touched her breasts honestly and unceremoniously with her hands. The only drawback of Xiaoli is that her tits are small, about 32B, but I am still very happy.
I saw that everything went well, so I slowly put my hand into Xiaoli’s pants and jeans, but she kept saying, "No." I want to ask her for the first time. It’s actually very cool to let me touch my tits. Speaking sweetly to her, while catching Xiaoli's hand to touch my ○△×□▽, it made me feel bad.
This night, I kept touching Xiaoli's tits, and Xiaoli's small nipples were hardened by me. I didn't agree to take her home until she couldn't stand the begging for mercy.
The next morning, I immediately called Xiaoli and asked Xiaoli to come to my house tomorrow. Xiaoli thought about it and said that as long as I am no longer as charming as last night, I will come to my house. I just said it to reassure her. After a lot of good things, she agreed to come over.
In the afternoon, I went to pick her up at her house. She only wore a mini skirt and T-shirt today, and I knew that this little niezi had become popular. As soon as I received the door of my house, I hugged Xiaoli from behind. Xiaoli was shocked and ran inside, just by the side of my bed. I immediately pushed her onto the bed and pressed her on the bed. Kiss her with your mouth right away, wow! Xiaoli really put her tongue into my mouth.
We kissed for two full minutes, until Xiaoli was almost out of breath before I let go. Xiaoli gasped and said, "Axiong, you are lighter!" At this time, I hugged Xiaoli from behind, just like yesterday. Hugging her in her arms, gently rubbing her tits with both hands, blowing lightly with her mouth and Xiaoli's ears, and then licking her neck with her tongue.
Before long, Xiaoli couldn't help but turned around and hugged me tightly. I knew she was already emotional. I laid her flat on the bed and lifted her skirt to reveal her white panties. I knew Xiaoli was already Be prepared, because this underwear is brand new, and a large part of the bottom of the underwear has been wet.
I took off Xiaoli’s panties and secretly hid them under the bed. I lifted Xiaoli’s waist, and she also lifted her buttocks very cooperatively, let me take off her panties, and immediately saw Xiaoli’s most mysterious flower stamen. . Xiaoli's pubic hair is very sparse. It may be that thin girls have less hair, so you can see a small groove at a glance, and there is already a wet lake on the stamens, which makes me look at it.
It wasn't until Xiaoli called me "Hey" that I came back to my senses, and I immediately praised Xiaoli and said: "Xiaoli, you are so beautiful!"
Xiaoli did not answer, just nodded, I immediately lifted Xiaoli’s thighs, opened Xiaoli’s ○△×□▽, and kissed the stamen lightly with my mouth. Xiaoli immediately had a cold war and was startled, and said hurriedly, "Axiong, Don't do this, it smells bad there!" I said hurriedly no.
The color of Xiaoli's ○△×□▽ was very pink, and there was a scent of smell. I immediately covered Xiaoli's ○△×□▽ with my mouth, crawling on the stamens with my tongue like a kiss, and kissed the whole ○△×□▽. The taste is a bit salty and sour, not unpalatable, especially the ○△×□▽. I suck and lick it for a while, causing Xiaoli to scream  Grasping Xiaoli's nipple with her index finger, pressing it lightly for a while and rotating it for a while, Xiaoli couldn't stand it immediately, grabbed my head with her hand, and pressed it into her ○△×□▽.
I knew that Xiaoli was about to orgasm, and I cooperated to speed up the licking speed of my tongue. Sure enough, Xiaoli hugged my head and exhaled vigorously. This orgasm lasted for 30 seconds, and then Xiaoli spread out on the bed, motionless.
At this time, I was in a lot of free time, took off my clothes and Xiaoli's clothes, lifted Xiaoli's thigh, pushed my big ○△×□▽ against Xiaoli's ○△×□▽, and slowly pushed the glans in. Xiaoli at this time is like a ball of dough, I can do whatever I want.
Because Xiaoli's ○△×□▽ was all wet, it was not difficult to get in. I slowly pierced my ○△×□▽ in, until almost all of the ○△×□▽ went in, and then started to thrust. Xiaoli's ○△×□▽ is really tight, and it's like putting her ○△×□▽ in a warm water bag, which makes me really cool.
While I was ○△×□▽ her, I put my tongue into Xiaoli's mouth and stuck it until Xiaoli had another orgasm, and my ○△×□▽ was cramped. My waist and eyes were numb, and all my semen was injected into Xiaoli's womb.
After resting for a long time, I hugged Xiaoli from behind and chatted with her. I was very curious that Xiaoli was no longer a virgin, so Xiaoli said. It turned out that Xiaoli already had a boyfriend, and I gave it to him for the first time, but now her boyfriend is serving as a soldier in Hualien, and she is still in contact. He comes back to see her every month.
I teased her and said, "Is this a mutiny?" Xiaoli smiled and beat me in my arms.
After talking, I asked Xiaoli to take a bath together, and I pulled into the bathroom regardless of whether she wanted it or not. We are like a couple. I will soap her up first. Of course, I will not miss this opportunity to eat her tofu. I wash her tits and ○△×□▽ very carefully. Xiaoli also gives back to my big ○△×□▽ and keeps helping him. Wipe it with soap and wash it until my ○△×□▽ is red, and it immediately hardens again.
So I asked her to lick me with her mouth. Xiaoli said, "Don't play here. When I get to the bed, I will definitely help you suck."
As soon as she finished speaking, I hurriedly pushed Xiaoli onto the bed, the water on her body hadn't been dried yet.
Xiaoli asked me to lie on the bed, and she used my belly as a pillow. She lay there, first held my ○△×□▽ with her hand, and slowly masturbated it. After repeated urging, she slowly moved her mouth closer, still acting naughty. To bite it.
Xiaoli first kissed the horse eye on my glans gently, then held the whole glans, and then licked my ○△×□▽ with her tongue.
She was so good at that time. Although I was behind her and I couldn't see her expression of blowing the trumpet, I believe she was playing the trumpet for me very seriously.
At this time, I also stroked her ○△×□▽ with my right hand. Although Xiaoli was thin, but her ○△×□▽ was very big. When I tugged at her asshole, she kept twisting her body, but her mouth never left my ○△×□▽. .
About 10 minutes later, Xiaoli's ○△×□▽ gradually flowed out of kinky water. I just used the kinky water to lubricate and rubbed her ○△×□▽ with my middle finger, which made Xiaoli pant again and again.
At this time, I hope Xiaoli can swallow a little deeper, so I lifted Xiaoli’s thigh and brought her ○△×□▽ in front of me, in the posture of female upper and male lower 69. I licked my ○△×□▽ with my tongue and stroked it with my hand. Fetching Xiaoli's ○△×□▽, Xiaoli also deeply contained my ○△×□▽, so we licked each other for ten minutes, until I shot all the semen into Xiaoli's mouth.
The two of us may be too tired to play, so we overslept, and it was already evening when we got up. Xiaoli had to go home to help because she opened a shop at home, so she hurried to get dressed, but in the end Xiaoli couldn’t find it. When I got to my underwear, I was so anxious that I almost cried.
I quickly explained to her that I hoped to leave my underwear as a souvenir. I couldn’t stand my repeated pleadings, so I had to reluctantly agree, but when I rode her home, I covered it all the way, afraid of exposure and let people know her. No underwear.
When I went to work the next day, I was always upset, hoping to talk to Xiaoli. I kept winking at Xiaoli, meaning I wanted to ask her to speak, but she ignored it. I finally waited until noon when there was no one in the office, so I had the opportunity to take her to the stairwell to speak.
As soon as I met, I hugged Xiaoli in my arms and kissed her gently. Perhaps because I was in the stairwell, I was afraid that someone would come at any time, so Xiaoli refused to give me a hug. I tried my best and tried my best. I also whispered sweetly in Xiaoli's ear, always yelling that I love you so much, I miss you so much, you are so beautiful, etc. Xiaoli finally gave up the struggle and let me take care of it.
We were sitting on the stairs. I hugged Xiaoli from behind. I put my left hand into the clothes and pinched her tits. I reached into the skirt with my right hand. I caressed my ○△×□▽ through my panties. I was still blowing in Xiaoli’s ears with my tongue. Licking her neck. I saw her whole body trembling and hot, knowing that it was time, I boldly put my hand into the underwear, the stamens were already wet, I kept digging the ○△×□▽ with my middle finger, drawing circles with the ○△×□▽ as the center.
Xiaoli couldn't stand the fondling like this, she kept teasing my ○△×□▽ on my pants with her hands.
Suddenly Xiaoli exclaimed, her thighs clamped my hands tightly, and her whole body shuddered. Because I was afraid that Xiaoli screamed too loudly, I was busy blocking her mouth with my mouth. I only felt that Xiaoli's ○△×□▽ was leaking from her ○△×□▽. The shot came out, and then Xiaoli was paralyzed in my arms. I stroked Xiaoli’s back and saw her eyes lost and lost. I did not move and kissed her with my head down. So we kissed her deeply in French style, sucking each other’s tongues, and then hugging each other affectionately.
I saw Xiaoli lying motionless in my arms, and suddenly saw her panties hanging by my feet. I saw the opportunity and quickly received it in my pocket. Although Xiaoli knew it, she couldn't get it back from me.
We arbitrarily arranged our clothes and sent Xiaoli back to the office. I went downstairs to buy a lunch box for Xiaoli to eat, and hid in the toilet alone, taking out Xiaoli's underwear to play with. The color of Xiaoli’s panties today is apple green. I put the panties on my nose and took a deep breath. Wow... it’s so cool! The body temperature of the hostess is still left.
There is a large water mark on the bottom of the pants. It is the nasty liquid that Xiaoli shed. The nasty liquid that has just flowed down is tasteless, but after a period of time, there will be a peculiar smell, and the shape is like paste sticking to the pants. The same, if you add that the urine is not cleaned, it smells a bit fishy, ​​but it is very exciting.
This is actually a bad habit I developed since I was a child. I have been paying attention to my sister's underwear since I was a child. I like to smell the scent on my sister's underwear. After middle school, I will use my sister's dirty underwear to make pistols. Every day I wait for my sister to come home. After taking a shower, I immediately rushed in and took a shower. I picked up my underwear and put it in front of my nose to take a deep breath, because the underwear still has the fragrance of my sister, and sometimes there are a few curly pubic hairs, which will make me happy. For a few days, this secret has not been known yet.
When I came out of the toilet, I met Ad, he was the business director of our unit, and he was a veteran.
Seeing me, he smiled mysteriously at me, dragged me outside and said that I wanted to discuss something with me.
Ade said, "Axiong, you were so cool just now!"
I said, "No! What's the matter?" I pretended to be stupid on purpose.
"Axiong, you still pretend, I've seen them all. But don't worry, I won't tell people, and we are all the same!" After Ade finished speaking, he took out a black panties from his pocket, and I I knew it was a high-end product at a glance, "What, do you want to see it? I just stripped it from a woman, don’t believe me, look at it here, it’s still wet!" Adelaide explained, and pointed to me. The bottoms of the pants were really wet, and the fishy smell was so heavy that they could be smelled far away.
"Axiong, this can be regarded as a meeting gift for you. We will learn more in the future, and you will put it away soon." Seeing that I was expressionless, Ade forced me to show my underwear and asked if I wanted to smell it.
But when I think about it later, I feel that this is wrong. After all, people have a boyfriend. If his boyfriend loves her very much, if he knows this kind of thing, he will be very uncomfortable. After all, he gives everything. I lost her and I am still serving as a soldier now. It is indeed wrong for me to do this now. I will never look for her again later. I spent a period of time quietly by myself, but the peaceful life will always be broken. One day after dinner, my good brother said that he bought a robot love doll on the website and asked me if I wanted to try it. Later I went, because it’s been a long time since I had ○△×□▽ and I wanted it a little, and a high-quality doll. The feeling of making love is very realistic. You will feel similar to real people making love. Later, I will also go to the website to check the dolls above. There are so many types of ○△×□▽ dolls, such as wm doll, 6ye doll and so on.
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