Confession of Bank Beauty

I am a twenty-eight-year-old banker and a well-known beauty in the financial circle. There are always many suitors around me, but I have a high self-esteem. I have always been clean and self-loving. Take advantage of it; because I know that honor is more important than anything, especially since I am already well-known, and I can’t destroy the Great Wall by myself and bad reputation; and my close boyfriend Ma Wei is also a senior executive, and the handsome and tall he is also in the circle. Famous beautiful man.
Although we do not work in the same financial institution, many colleagues in the industry often see us having dinner together; recently, my nightmare started again, and the same news reached my ears~~Ma Wei has Another new love, and, the subject is another flight attendant!
Why are you a stewardess again?
But whether it's groundless or not, I don't dare to take it lightly this time, because my first three boyfriends were all taken away by a flight attendant. I don't want to be loved again by others, so I must act. It’s just that everything seems to be too slow. My beloved Ma Wei is no longer gentle with me. He started to alienate me. No matter how I compromised, he couldn’t turn his head back. We were caught in a cold war for four months. I have almost never seen each other again, but I really don't want to be reconciled and don't want to be given up.
Therefore, I asked to negotiate with Ma Wei on the grounds of marriage; he did not refuse, but he told me that he was going to Southeast Asia for business and hoped to wait for him to come back. But I didn’t want to spend it anymore. I asked for leave. I arrived abroad on the same plane as Ma Wei; he also traveled with Ma Wei and two of his colleagues, one of whom had also worked with me, and the other middle-aged person I had never seen; I and Ma Wei that night Wei has the same room, and his two colleagues sleep in the neighboring rooms.
I would never have done this in the past, but in order to save Ma Wei, I can no longer care about what others think!
That night, I served Ma Wei gently like a newlywed wife, but I couldn’t agree to Ma Wei’s request because it was too abnormal!
For me, ○△×□▽ and ○△×□▽ ○△×□▽ are things that prostitutes only do. How can he ask me to do such nasty things?
Ma Wei, who was in a hurry, didn't touch me at all on the second night. On the afternoon of the third day, he let me see that woman~~A woman with a nice appearance and an extremely hot body!
Ma Wei told me clearly that that woman was the bride he wanted!
My self-esteem was completely destroyed, but I didn’t cry or make trouble. My victorious and stubborn personality raised my head. I went back to the room dull. Although my heart was bleeding, I resisted the tears and started to clean up. Luggage, but Ma Wei took his luggage before I was about to leave the room; I slumped on the bed and cried until it was dawn before falling asleep.
That afternoon, I went to a nearby department store to make crazy purchases. I didn't want people to see that I was a loser, especially the two colleagues of Ma Wei, who still live next door to me.
In a heartbroken situation, I didn’t want to go back to China right away. That night, I even put on the new clothes I just bought—a trendy and sexy evening dress. I went to a restaurant outside for dinner and drank a lot. Alcohol, I know I’m a little drunk, but I don’t care. That’s why when I met one of Ma Wei’s colleagues and my former colleague Wang Wei in the elevator, I did not refuse his invitation, but agreed to enter with him. Go to his room to chat; I told Wang Wei: "If you want to comfort me, just have a drink with me!"
And Wang Wei didn’t just accompany me for a drink. We almost drank half a bottle of whiskey. I had already overdose, but I bravely asked Wang Wei to pour me another glass. He poured the wine and invited me to dance. I laughed. He said: "Wang Wei, do you want to hug me?"
He stared at me and said, "You are drunk! Peggy."
I stood up and said, "No! If you don't believe me, jump with me."
In this way, I danced twice with Wang Wei, who was half of my head short. Then, I stood in front of the mirror with a wine glass, and looked at my tall, well-proportioned, beautiful body and said, "Wang Wei, am I beautiful? ?"
He stood behind me and said, "Of course, Peggy, you have always been the goddess in my heart!"
I turned to look at him and said, "Do you want to get me drunk?"
He looked up at me and said, "Actually, you are already drunk!"
I toasted him and said, "Really!? I actually drink pretty well!"
After Wang Wei had done it with me, he said, "Do you want to drink again? Peggy."
I shook my head and said, "Of course! Not drunk or returning!"
When Wang Wei was pouring the wine, I walked to the sofa. However, as soon as I took a step forward, I immediately felt that the world was spinning. I wanted to control my feet, but the whole person fell down. My last impression was to see Wang Wei. s face!
In a trance, I knew that I was stripped naked, my naked body was being caressed enthusiastically and eagerly, my body was hot and the peaks were agitated, I wanted to open my eyes, but my eyelids were so heavy that they couldn’t open, and I His limbs can't exert any strength at all; my body has almost been kissed all over!
My breasts were kissed so refreshing and happy, and then, my lower abdomen and inner thighs, oh, I've never been so excited before, this is really great!
He started to suck, kiss and lick my private parts!
Oh, God!
I have never been eaten like this!
I barely opened my eyes when his hard stuff pushed into my body. Of course I knew that the man who was ○△×□▽ me was Wang Wei. I just couldn't believe myself~~ What a lascivious posture I presented! ?
I saw myself with my legs wide open, and Wang Wei was clutching my ankles with both hands, pushing me fiercely!
Oh, he is so rude and hardworking!
I can feel that his ○△×□▽ is about the same length as Ma Wei's, but it seems to be much thicker than Ma Wei's!
Moreover, it is very, very hard, and the glans is also very powerful!
Wang Wei realized that I was awake, and worked more fiercely at me and said, "Oh, Peggy, you are so beautiful! I want to kill you alive!" I looked at Wang Wei who was sweating profusely. It's so mixed up, what can I say, and who can I blame?
The fact is in front of us, Wang Wei is ○△×□▽ me!
Does this count as love or rape?
I never like this little Wang Wei, but my former colleague has already got my body!
He is wholeheartedly enjoying my previously unattainable body like a goddess, and he has already taken me out of my feelings!
I groaned and said, "Oh, Wang Wei, you must not tell others about this!" He leaned down and stared at me and said, "Why, you can't forget Ma Wei?" I hugged him and said: "Oh, no! Wang Wei, I am no longer Ma Wei's girlfriend." He desperately resisted me and said, "Then be my woman obediently!" When Wang Wei kissed me, I did not refuse, he kissed wildly. I……
Ah, this man is about to conquer me.
On the sofa, Wang Wei used at least three or four postures to ○△×□▽ me. He surprised me so powerfully that Ma Wei could never do it for so long, and I was almost on the verge of collapse..., Wang Wei Asking me to kneel on the sofa and hold the back of the chair with both hands while he violently pushes me from behind. This dog-like posture made me reach a climax!
I was shaking all over, yelling indiscriminately in my mouth, and a lot of lust rushed out...
And Wang Wei continued to ○△×□▽..., I lay on the back of the chair and gasped...
I didn't even notice when Ma Wei's middle-aged colleague returned to the room. When the man who was about fifty years old and had a blessed figure stood in front of me naked, I was shocked!
I saw the big curved, stiff and fat banana under his bulging belly!
It was at least eight and a half inches long, a big meat stick as thick as a ham, which frightened me and made me look at it.
○△×□▽! What a horrible big ○△×□▽!
If it were not for him to press my head and force me to help him blow the flute, I was afraid that it would still be difficult to recover for a while. I began to avoid and struggle, but my waist was hugged by Wang Wei, and my body was also squeezed by him. Compressed so hard to move, the middle-aged man’s big ○△×□▽ kept touching my face... I had almost nowhere to escape, so I had to ask Wang Wei for help: "Please! Wang Wei, call you. Friends don’t do this..., I really don’t do that..." Wang Wei asked me a little surprised: "Why, you haven't had oral ○△×□▽ yet?"
I quickly nodded and said, "Really, Wang Wei, I've never helped a man eat that thing."
Wang Wei stopped ○△×□▽ me and said: "Okay, Zhang Bai, you come here first; let me teach our big beauties how to blow flute!"
Zhang Bai loosened my head, but immediately replaced Wang Wei's position; I didn't want to be gang-raped, let alone Zhang Bai play, but with Wang Wei's help, Zhang Bai just stuffed his huge glans into my lower body , When his big banana rammed into my body inch by inch, my ○△×□▽ was tearing like a tear, and it was swollen, squeezed, and hot!
I no longer resist, so I can only beg for mercy: "Oh, please be lighter...slowly, oh! Be lighter...please! Zhang Bai...be gentle...it's too big! ."
But the cruel Zhang Bai hit the end and hit my heart!
At that moment, I wailed, I just felt my body had been smashed in half, and Zhang Bai’s huge ○△×□▽ seemed to have been smashed into my stomach. I shed tears from the pain, and my hands kept tapping the back of the chair and crying. Shouted: "Ah, ah! Zhang Bai, you will ○△×□▽ me to death! ... Oh, you kill me!"
Zhang Bai began to twitch slowly, but every click reached my deepest point. Gradually, I was lost!
My physiology and psychology have undergone tremendous changes. I relaxed myself and began to swing my hips to cater to Zhang Bai’s thirst. He slowly accelerated his speed, and I was already lost in the fresh and unprecedented pleasure...
When Zhang Bai was completely rooted for the first time, I broke out an unprecedented climax, mixed with screams that I had never had before!
I am conquered!
From that moment on, I knew that my life had been transformed. The taste of being gang-raped by two men made me realize the infinite possibilities of sexual intercourse. Although it was terrible and evil, it was also wonderful!
I have fallen into the evil whirlpool of desire, but I have no choice. A woman who is being gang-raped has absolutely no principles at all!
They didn’t let me kneel on the sofa all the time, but asked me to lie on my back on the coffee table, my head hanging from the edge of the table, with Wang Wei’s glans in my mouth, and Zhang Bai took me to my legs in high heels. , Put me on his shoulder; my first oral ○△×□▽, under Wang Wei's order and training, it took half an hour to end. Wang Wei shot his semen in my mouth and forced me to eat it all. Go inside....
After more than ten minutes, Zhang Bai ejaculated in my ○△×□▽. Except for my moaning and gasping, it was Wang Wei and Zhang Bai’s contented but evil laughter echoing in the room, their nasty words and comments. My obscene compliment shows that they are satisfied with everything about me!
And I can hear from their conversation that this obscene gang rape game will continue.
I finally saw Zhang Bai’s big banana!
I used a prone dog prone position, with my hips raised high, letting Wang Wei collide from behind; while I held Zhang Bai’s big banana with both hands and sucked from the glans all the way down until I kissed his furry Until the testicles, I just served the middle-aged man lying on the bed back and forth; I did something I had never done before~~ Is this called a flute, blowing a trumpet, oral ○△×□▽, or eating a ○△×□▽?
Just now, Wang Wei has taught me all kinds of skills such as eating, sucking, sucking, licking, biting, chewing, swallowing, etc. Therefore, I know that Zhang Bai is very satisfied with my service. I can barely hold his entire glans, like a tennis ball. Just like gagging my mouth, I can only make a moan of ; this time they used at least a dozen positions on the bed, and they kept playing with me and then playing with me!
When Wang Wei shot in my body and Zhang Bai's brain leaked into my mouth, he forced me to eat all the semen into my stomach. I will never forget the fishy and salty taste!
Moreover, Zhang Bai’s semen is thick and heavy, and the amount of ejaculation is unimaginable; I finally understand how terrifying and frightening his muscular, stiff, powerful ○△×□▽ is, because soon after, it It's alive and kicking in my mouth again!
This time they took turns rushing at me so hard that I screamed and begged for mercy; but although they stopped playing with my ○△×□▽, they started to play with my ○△×□▽. No matter how I begged, they just refused to let me go. , In the end, in the painful roar and cry of my heart and lungs, Wang Wei opened my ○△×□▽!
I don’t know how long Wang Wei has had ○△×□▽ ○△×□▽ with me, because I have been so bad that I have been dizzy and swollen. I only remember that when Zhang Bai did my asshole, I screamed and screamed in pain. Get up, and they don't know what they need to ask me when I turn around. I only remember that I nodded desperately, and promised them everything!
Then, at the moment when Zhang Bai's huge ○△×□▽ completely penetrated into my asshole, I passed out in pain!
When I woke up, there were three strange men in the room!
Wang Wei said that they are all his colleagues here, and they all know that I am Ma Wei's girlfriend; I am not a prostitute, how can they let them manipulate me like this?
But as soon as I raised an objection, Zhang Bai told me that I personally agreed not long ago. When he was ○△×□▽ my asshole, I offered to exchange terms. I asked Zhang Bai to temporarily let go of my ○△×□▽ and let him go. I took a breath and rested for a while; then, I promised them to find a few more people to play in the big pot!
I curled up on the corner of the bed and couldn't argue, but five men surrounded me naked!
This time, when the three new strangers flocked to me together, Wang Wei was holding the camera and Zhang Bai was holding the video recorder; when the bald and thin man started to ○△×□▽ me, the spotlight was shining. , And the lights of the video recorder are also on!
The three middle-aged Aberdeen caressed, enjoyed, and praised my first-class figure. They took turns to do it twice. They didn't even ejaculate, so I reached a climax!
Then, under the command and direction of five men, I became the best actress in porn!
Later, I felt that I couldn’t go on like this one time. I didn’t want to have another one. Although it was very cool and comfortable, I really felt it was a bit bad. I never did it again. Recently, my good sister said that she bought a male doll and asked me if I want to be cool. I thought to myself that I hadn’t had ○△×□▽ for a long time, so I wanted to try it. I just entered her house. I saw that doll, and it felt so realistic. At first glance, it was a high-quality ○△×□▽ doll. The feeling of having ○△×□▽ with a doll was so cool. Later I asked her where to buy the one and I wanted to buy one, she said later I said on lovedollshops where there are various ○△×□▽ dolls and mature ○△×□▽ dolls, and asked me if I want to try it.
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