Those things between husband and wife

Marginal sexual behavior, also referred to as marginal behavior, refers to behaviors in which the two sexes have a tendency to be sexually attracted, have a sexual desire to express motivation, and neither side wants to have ○△×□▽. For example, in the intercourse between the two sexes, handshake and conversation with a tendency of sexual attraction, eyebrows in love, and sideburns between husbands and wives with sexual colors, etc. Marginal ○△×□▽ is extremely important in married life. Most loving couples have a lot of marginal ○△×□▽ in their daily lives. Marginal ○△×□▽ is an important foreshadowing of sexual life. Whether the ○△×□▽ life between husband and wife is harmonious, marginal ○△×□▽ plays a major role.
Deodorant intoxication
Zhang Wei and Li Fei have been married for ten years. For ten years, he has to hug his wife every night to fall asleep, which has almost become his unchanging habit (except for having to travel on business).
Every night, Zhang Wei hugged his wife, buried his head between his wife's neck and shoulders, smelling his wife's body scent, and felt an incomparable comfort.
When they were still in love, Zhang Wei was very fascinated by Li Fei’s body fragrance. They were classmates in college. Whenever they dated, he always hugged Li Fei for a long time and buried his head between her neck and shoulders. Deeply intoxicated in her body fragrance. Once, Li Fei left her sweater on the edge of the playground when she was in gym class. A male student picked it up and shouted: "Whose sweater is this?" Zhang Wei took it over and looked at it. The voice said: "I know who this belongs to." Amidst the laughter of the male classmate, Zhang Wei took the sweater away. In the evening, he returned the sweater to Li Fei. Li Fei asked in amazement: "How did you know it was mine?" "It smells of you." Zhang Wei said softly, embarrassing Li Fei to look up.
Li Fei was pregnant. Before giving birth, the doctor warned them not to have ○△×□▽. Zhang Weifu whispered in his wife’s ear: “It’s okay. Just let you sleep with your arms around.” That’s it, even though they didn’t have ○△×□▽ in the last three months of his wife’s pregnancy. Sexual activities, but this kind of intimacy and marginal ○△×□▽ still gives them great emotional satisfaction.
Marginal ○△×□▽ is sometimes even better than the sexual satisfaction brought about by both spouses, and it is a powerful glue that maintains the long-lasting affection between husband and wife.
Still owe a kiss
If the warm love of Zhang Wei and his wife is due to the long-term hug and sleep, then the strong feelings of Ouyang Jie and his wife are manifested in their two kisses a day. Ouyang Jie and his wife met in an accidental encounter. The two fell in love at first sight, and soon the wedding was held.
Newly married Yaner, the young couple are like glue. Every morning before going to work, they can't forget to kiss goodbye. When returning from get off work every night, the first thing Ouyang Jie wants to do is to go to the kitchen and kiss his wife who is busy cooking. Regardless of whether the wife is sweating, or whether the kitchen is full of smoke or not, over time, this romantic expression has become an indispensable need for both parties.
Once, Ouyang Jie took a few friends home for dinner, and his wife was cooking in the kitchen. The last dish was served, but the hostess was delayed in attending the table. Ouyang Jie went to the kitchen to see that his wife was wiping the stove with a grieved expression on her face. Ouyang Jie patted his head and remembered that he was busy receiving guests and had forgotten to kiss his wife, so he stepped forward to give his wife a powerful kiss. The wife was full of grievances and was wiped away by the kiss, and immediately came to the guests with a bright smile.
Once again, Ouyang Jie was going on a business trip. He took the flight at 7 o'clock in the morning. The wife got up to make breakfast for her husband and packed his luggage when he went out. Soon the company's car came downstairs. Mrs. Ouyang hurriedly pushed the luggage out. Looking back, the husband didn’t mean to leave. He just watched silently at the busy wife back and forth. Mrs. Ouyang suddenly woke up and posted it and gave it to him. The husband gave a sweet kiss, and the husband hurriedly waved goodbye to his wife after giving back his wife a deep kiss with satisfaction.
Marginal ○△×□▽ makes the world of Ouyang couple full of romantic ○△×□▽ and makes their married life happy and harmonious.
Not for TV
Su Hua’s wife, Lin Qiao, is a flight attendant who works in an international airline. Due to professional needs, it takes a few days to get home after boarding the plane. In Su Hua's words, Lin Qiao is a very annoying wife, and she sticks to him every time she comes back. In fact, the way Lin Qiao "sticks" to her husband is to watch TV with her husband every night. Every time she watched TV, she would sit in her husband's arms in the most comfortable position and ask him to kiss her from time to time. As long as her husband is with her, Lin Qiao enjoys everything she watches. Sometimes when watching football with her husband, Lin Qiao would happily give her a kiss on her husband's forehead when she saw the wonderful things. Sometimes it's her husband watching romance movies with her, and when she sees her sadness, Lin Qiao will hold her husband's neck while watching and crying. Sometimes, when the two watched the news broadcast, Lin Qiao sat in her husband's arms and gave a generous statement. When they met with dissident political opinions, the two would start a fierce argument against the tip of the nose.
In this way, watching TV together became an important content in the marriage life of Suhua and his wife, and they got great emotional satisfaction from it.
Once, Su Hua's mother came out from the countryside to live for a while. It happened that the old lady was also a TV fan. Every night she saw eyelids fighting before entering the room to rest. As a result, the young couple suddenly lost an important place for emotional communication. After enduring this for half a month, Su Hua finally decided to buy another TV set and put it in their bedroom. From then on, as long as Lin Qiao was at home at night, the young couple would watch TV in their bedroom.
Marginal ○△×□▽ adds a strong emotional atmosphere to the lives of Suhua and his wife. Although the couple are often separated, they can still enjoy a high-quality married life.
The massager is "broken" again
When Mrs. Yue was an educated youth in the countryside, she suffered from rheumatism. Whenever it was windy and rainy, she would suffer from waist and leg pain. At this time, Mr. Yue, who was a barefoot doctor in the countryside, would massage his wife's waist and legs. And Mrs. Yue is always happy to let her husband massage because she can get great satisfaction from it.
Once, one of her girlfriends had a divorce and came to her house to cry and asked her about her marital status. Mrs. Yue said: "We have a good relationship." "What a good way?" "...He always massages my waist and legs." "What is this?" "No, it is very important." Mrs. Yue said seriously. . Indeed, she could feel that her husband massaged her with emotion, which has been the case for many years.
Once, Mr. Yue saw a massager in the mall, which was very useful, so he bought it for his wife: "Now I am liberated." Mr. Yue said jokingly.
Since having a massager, Mrs. Yue uses a massager every time her waist and legs are painful, but after each massage, she always feels an inexplicable regret. And Mr. Yue also felt that there was something missing in his life.
One day, Mrs. Yue told her husband that the massager was broken. Mr. Yue opened it and saw that the battery was installed upside down, so he reinstalled the battery and returned it to his wife. But after a while, the wife said again that the massager was broken. The husband opened it and saw that there was no battery installed at all this time. So he understood and said tacitly: "Oh, it's broken. If it's broken, it's broken. I'll give you a massage." Since then, Mrs. Yue can enjoy her husband's massage again.
Mr. Yue obtains skin-to-skin contact through massage, which is also a kind of marginal sexual behavior that promotes the relationship between husband and wife.
"Hey" gotta forget about it
Liu Ye and Guo Tao work in the same institution compound. Since the two began to fall in love, they soon entered a difficult stage. Every day after get off work, I go to the dining hall to have a meal, and then both return to the single dormitory. Once the food in the dining hall is processed by willow leaves, it becomes a delicious dinner. And Guo Tao's dirty dormitory became clean as soon as the willow leaves cleaned up.
Once Guo Tao was sick and was admitted to the hospital, Liu Ye went to the hospital three times a day to deliver meals. When Guo Tao was infusion, Liu Ye fed him bit by bit. Later, whether Guo Tao was infusion or not, Liu Ye insisted on feeding him, and he didn't care about winking and making faces from the young man in the same room. From then on, Willow leaves Guo Tao the first bite no matter what he eats, even if it is a popsicle.
After getting married, Liu Ye brought this habit to the life of the couple. Every time he eats, he has to give the husband the first bite of each dish, and asks with a look of expectation: "How is it, is it delicious?" If the husband expresses his appreciation, she will smile with joy. If her husband did not comment, she would feel very sorry.
Once Guo Tao's mother celebrated her birthday, Guo Tao's father invited relatives and friends to a banquet in the hotel to celebrate his wife's birthday. Guo Tao also went with his wife. At the banquet, every dish served, the willow leaves took the lead to take a piece to the husband’s mouth, and asked: "How is it, is it delicious?" Guo Tao tasted the food his wife "feeds" bit by bit, and enjoyed it until he was around. Liu Ye's aunt pulled Liu Ye's sleeve, and Liu Ye found out that something was not good; her mother-in-law's expression was already gloomy. Afterwards, the young couple carried large bags and small bags repeatedly to apologize to the old man, finally dispelling the bad impression of the mother-in-law towards the daughter-in-law.
Willow leaves “feeding” to the point where they forget about it. Although they appear impolite in front of the elders, this kind of intimacy between husband and wife has laid an important foundation for the harmony of their future marriage life.
"Drunkard" does not mean to "report"
Mr. Lu and his wife have been married for 30 years. For 30 years, the couple has a constant habit of going downstairs to buy an evening newspaper together every evening, rain or shine. The old neighbors are used to seeing them. Whenever they see them walking slowly arm in arm, they will start a conversation: "Buy a newspaper?" "Yes, yes, buy a newspaper." Mr. Lu and his wife always answered with a smile in unison.
Once, a son who worked in another place came home and saw his parents under the umbrella and braved the rain to go downstairs to buy an evening paper. When he came back, his clothes were soaked. The next day he immediately went to the post office and ordered an evening paper for the old couple. .
Since their son ordered the evening paper, Mr. Lu and his wife have become restless every evening. When they are accustomed to going out, they remember that the newspaper is in the mailbox outside the door, so they don’t need to go downstairs to buy it. However, a few days later they finally decided to go downstairs to buy the evening paper; the neighbor was surprised and asked, "Isn't your house subscribed to the evening paper?" "Yes, yes! One more copy, one more copy!" Lu The husband and wife answered vaguely, and continued to walk towards the newsstand, arm in arm.
Mr. Lu and his wife went downstairs to buy the evening newspaper together every day. They did not intend to buy the newspaper, but the couple looked for such an opportunity to do one thing together affectionately. For harmonious couples, this is an important part of their married life.
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