My sweet girl-Japan's first sister!

This cute girl became popular last year and was named the "perfect girl". She not only has good looks, but also has the traditional virtues of Japanese women. "Parents" have a lot of plans for her future.
"I seemed to have seen her somewhere..."
"She looks a bit like someone I know..."
This cute girl is called Saya, and her "parents" are Japanese computer imaging artist husband and wife group Ishikawa Ishikawa (Teruyuki Ishikawa) and Ishikawa Yuka. My wife, Yuka Ishikawa (Yuka Ishikawa) told me that people usually say that the first time they see Saya.
Ishikawa and his wife started to publish Saya's super-portrait photos on the Internet last year, which brightened the eyes of the world: computer design can be made like this!
The tie of Saya's school uniform is slightly skewed, with thick bangs, cute freckles, small mouth, and her sweet appearance attracts a large number of fans to watch, trying to figure out whether she is a real person.
Since then, Ishikawa and his wife have spent a year further perfecting Saya's image and reshaping her face. Now they finally released a new version.
Ishikawa Yuka explained, "Saya has improved a lot from birth to today. In order to make her look more like a real person, we repeatedly revised it from head to toe."
Saya's design details have been raised to a whole new level, and the general response that has been triggered is: astounding.
Someone wrote on Twitter, “From the picture, I can’t see anything except the real girl.” Another commented, “I can’t wait. I really want to hear her voice and see her right away. attitude."
"Such a high level of truthfulness is absolutely remarkable."
Ishikawa Yuka told a BBC reporter, “Although we never thought we were Saya’s parents, we poured love and affection into the design of Saya, as if she were our daughter.”
Saya's design was inspired by many Japanese girls Ishikawa Yuka met on the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. Shibuya is a fashionable area that attracts boys and girls to eat, drink, and buy. Although Saya does not have a specific age, her facial expressions, actions, and personality are all unique to a 17-year-old girl.
In addition to achieving incredible precision in appearance drawing, the Ishikawa couple also gave Saya all the virtues that Japanese women should have traditionally.
Ishikawa Yuka said, "Saya is humble, kind, has a strong sense of morality and conscience, and is a good student."
"In addition, we also paid special attention to the Japanese view of Kawaii-cuteness. Saya is the embodiment of contemporary cute culture."
When Ishikawa and his wife first started designing Saya, they only regarded her as a small subsidiary project, and the ultimate goal was to make her a character in the short film.
However, just after introducing Saya to the world, it triggered a flood of positive reactions from fans, which made them very moved. Ishikawa Yuka said, "We realized her potential." Later, the Ishikawa couple decided to give up their jobs and concentrate on developing Saya.
Ishikawa Yuka said, "We have been living on savings, but during the period we also got the backbone of big companies."
Last week, they launched the first animated version of Saya for the first time at CEATEC in Japan.
You can also say that a short video doesn’t look as impressive as those still pictures, and Saya’s movements look a bit harsh, but for Saya, this is undoubtedly Another big step forward.
Ishikawa Yuka said, “One of the most difficult tasks we encountered was to make Saya's activities look more natural and synchronized.”
Ishikawa and his wife have more ideas about Saya's future: they hope to make Saya a decent "virtual real person."
They hope that one day Saya will be able to communicate with humans, and perhaps provide emotional help to those in need.
Ishikawa Yuka said, "Until now, we have been observing Saya's world through monitors and screens. However, through the use of cutting-edge technology, it is entirely possible for Saya to'get rid of the frame' and communicate with the real world."
"In the future, more and more people will hear about Saya. It should be interesting to see how people react."
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