A past with my female neighbor

Zhou's family of three people, one son is going to university outside the city. My husband's surname is Li. He is not tall. He started to get blessed in his early forties. He was fat and fat with a beer belly standing forward. I called him Brother Li. Li Ge runs a building materials wholesale company, and the benefits are good.
Sister Zhou's name is Zhou Shuqin. Compared with Brother Li, although she is nearly forty years old, she is well maintained. She is over 1.7 meters tall, moderately fat and thin, and has a pair of talking eyes, which looks like 30 at most. Hang zero. Sister Zhou opened a cosmetics wholesale company and a clothing store by herself. She manages the cosmetics wholesale company herself and employs several employees. The clothing store hired her sister to help take care of it. There is also an employee named Zhao. Her younger sister's name is Zhou Shuying, and I'm her little sister Zhou. She is beautiful. She divorced her husband a few years ago. One child was raised by her husband. Because she helped her sister take care of the shop, she moved to her sister's house. All three of them are nice and kind.
The exterior design of the building we live in is quite beautiful, but the quality of the building is not so good. The sound insulation effect is very poor. The neighboring houses can often hear some noises from the neighboring buildings upstairs and downstairs, especially in the dead of night. When the couple upstairs had ○△×□▽, Sister Zhou's moaning sounded, even though it was intermittent, it still made my heart beat every time. You know, I’m an older young man. Although I’ve been to shampoos and other places to find young ladies and fucked women, but I can’t stand the stimulus, so I can’t help but solve it by myself. ! Sometimes I don’t feel like flying a plane with my hand. I even bought a masturbation device from an adult product store to help my interest in masturbating.
I am confident that I am going to have trouble, and I am not ugly. I am a 1.8-meter tall man. His skin is not white but not too dark. Sister Zhou and his wife like me very much. Every time I do a good job at home. Whenever I eat, I have to ask me to go upstairs to have a drink, and I will also buy some wine and vegetables in my spare time to have a drink with Brother Li.
One day, Brother Li went to a friend's house to play mahjong. Little Zhou was busy in the store. Until dinner, the two of them didn't come back, so Zhou called me upstairs to accompany her for a drink. Sister Zhou has been in shopping malls all the year round. Although she is a woman, she drinks no less than me. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to push a glass and change a bottle of liquor. Although the alcohol is not high, it is liquor after all. Both of us are a little bit excited to start. Sister Zhou asked me: "Can you still drink it, less than? "
"How about some more beer?" After I finished speaking, I opened a bottle of beer without waiting for Zhou's consent. First I poured a glass for Zhou's sister, and then I drank a big sip on my own while reaching out to grab the vegetables. Said: "Sister Zhou, haven't you and Brother Li been shopping abroad in recent years?"
"Go, more than one trip, Nunu!" She continued Nunu mouth behind me, "That's the biggest gain."
I turned around and saw some magazines piled up in a mess on one side of the bookshelf.
"What's that?" I asked. "After eating, you will know by looking at it." Sister Zhou said.
It was too late after drinking. Sister Zhou went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Sister Zhou and I borrowed two magazines and went home. As soon as I entered the door, I turned on the TV habitually, made a cup of tea, and sat on the sofa to read a magazine.
I don’t know, I was shocked when I saw it. What kind of magazine is this? It’s a pornographic and obscene pictorial. Except for a few foreign letters that I can’t understand, the rest are all obscene high-definition pictures.
The first page of this pictorial is a close-up of a woman's genitals. The 16-open page only has a woman's ○△×□▽, the yin emperor, the big and small ○△×□▽, and the number of clear ○△×□▽ hairs can be counted. The teacher said in the physiological hygiene class and read it online, but it is by no means clear, obscene, or irritating in the pictorial! Looking back, there are close-ups of the ○△×□▽ stuck in the ○△×□▽, the painful expression of a woman being fucked, the photo of the ○△×□▽ dripping with white semen, and the big ○△×□▽ of the European and American man who is masculine and upturned. , It really has everything. I think from the pictorial to the moaning of sister Zhou that I heard in the middle of the night, it seems that I saw Brother Li lying on sister Zhou and ○△×□▽ her ○△×□▽... I couldn’t stand it anymore, and took the ○△×□▽ out of my crotch. It was hard. The ○△×□▽ was glans. The little mouth on the upper mouth is constantly flowing out with mucus, shiny, and I hold my ○△×□▽ tightly and push it up and down. I didn’t need to push the ○△×□▽ hard before, but this time I don’t know why I held the ○△×□▽ tightly. The glans rose to purple and it was a little shiny. La..., I was panting... as if I heard my own groan..., sitting on the sofa with my ○△×□▽ pushed up..., ejaculation! Squirting far away!
I panted and leaned on the sofa, my mind was full of sister Zhou's shadow... A few days later, one night after dinner, I went upstairs to return the pictorial, and the three of them who were rarely seen were all at home and entered the house. I sat down on the sofa by Sister Zhou and I said, "After reading the magazine, I will return the property to the original owner." Sister Zhou just wanted to talk, and Brother Li smiled and said, "Be careful after reading it!" !"I said. Sister Xiao Zhou sat opposite me and lowered her head, not knowing what she was doing. After hearing these words, she raised her head and glanced at me, which happened to meet my eyes. In an instant, I saw the heat and desire in her eyes. , There is also a hint of apricot bar starting shy.
The next afternoon, I hurried to the clothing store without eating after get off work. There were no customers in the store, Xiao Zhou and the waiter Xiao Zhao sat lazily in the chairs and chatting. Seeing me coming in, Xiao Zhou got up and gave up her seat, and said, "How come you are less than you?" "I invite you to dinner." "I said. Sister Xiao Zhou was very refreshing, greeted Xiao Zhao, the waiter, and left the shop with me. In fact, both of us knew what might happen tonight, so we found a restaurant nearby, ate a few bites, and then returned to the shop.
At this time, it was time for get off work. After Xiao Zhao, the waiter, she quickly closed the store door and went to the fitting room to dry up the fire! We hugged each other, our tongues tangled together. I slowly unbuttoned her skirt and retreated the skirt and pants to her knees. She turned around and held the wall with her hands, her buttocks poked up slightly. I couldn't wait to insert my ○△×□▽ into her ○△×□▽ to complete this. After a series of actions, I began to thrust, and the pleasure of the ○△×□▽ hit me and her. She began to moan in a low voice, twisting her hips constantly. Her ○△×□▽ is not too big, but it is very white and round. I stroked it gently with my hand, and enjoyed the sexual pleasure brought by the woman’s low moaning and constantly twisting round ○△×□▽ after Xiao Zhou was fucked. …Time slipped away while my ○△×□▽ was rushing into the ○△×□▽ of Xiao Zhou. After more than 20 minutes, I ejaculated, and I was afraid that she would not dare to ejaculate in her pregnancy. After I wiped the semen on her buttocks, we both walked out of the fitting room and sat on the simple sofa in the shop. I asked her, "Sister Xiao Zhou feels good?"
"It feels good, your ○△×□▽ is bigger than my brother-in-law's, and harder than his." Little Zhou said.
"Maybe I am younger than him." I said, "Your brother-in-law fucked you?" I asked again.
"My sister-in-law is my brother-in-law's half-stretched ○△×□▽, besides, I have lived in his house for a long time, can you not ○△×□▽ me?!" Xiao Zhou said.
"Does your sister know?" I asked again.
"I know. Not only do I know, it was my sister who helped my brother-in-law for the first time. They came back from abroad twice, as if they had changed themselves, they were really open to ○△×□▽." Little Zhou said.
"Don't tell your sister about the two of us tonight." I asked.
"It's okay to tell my sister." Little Zhou said.
I looked at my watch and it was past nine o'clock, so I told Sister Xiao Zhou that we should go home, and she nodded.
Locked the security door, I took her out of the clothing store with a bicycle.
The cold and the summer flickered into winter. The heating in our community is not good, and the indoor temperature is always 16 or 7 degrees. It is said that the heating network will be better next year after the renovation of the heating pipe network. Li Ge's house has air-conditioning and there is also an unused room. Li Ge asked me to visit his cat for a winter first, and I did not politely agree.
I went to work during the day, and talked about the mountains together after dinner at night. It’s just that I can hear Sister Zhou’s groans every few days at night. Sometimes the sound is quite loud, and I can hear it more clearly than downstairs. I don’t need to mention that kind of taste. I listened to my ○△×□▽ once.
One day I told Sister Xiao Zhou about this. I didn’t expect that Sister Xiao Zhou said that the TAs made a noise to me on purpose, saying that her sister had told her that she wanted to imitate the two men in porn. ○△×□▽ a woman, taste what it's like, but can't find a suitable candidate and has not been able to do so. Sister Xiao Zhou said that she was very happy to live in, and she discussed with her brother-in-law to make me the most suitable candidate, and make some movement to stimulate me first. When I heard this, my heart was both excited and tense. The excitement was two. A man fucks a woman, he has heard of it, and he has seen it in the film, but he has never done it. What's nervous is that the asshole has never been fucked by himself, and I don't know if it will work by then. (Share adult pictures: https://pinsex.me)
Since I knew the true intention of sister Zhou and his wife to let me live here, I have been looking forward to that day. Finally, one night after more than half a month, as soon as I fell asleep dimly, I heard the sound of sister Zhou’s cry from Li Ge’s bedroom. The sound was quite loud. I began to put my hands underneath and prepare to ○△×□▽ my ○△×□▽. I heard Brother Li calling me again: "Less than, come here!" Hearing Brother Li's call, I was more excited than I heard Sister Zhou's calling in bed. I immediately got out of bed and put on a piece of clothing indiscriminately. Go straight to Brother Li's bedroom.
When I walked into the bedroom, I felt that the air conditioner was turned on very much, and a rush of heat came to my face. Under the dim light of Xingba’s first show, three people were on the bed. Sister Zhou and sister Zhou were sticking together in a six-to-nine style. Sister Zhou was underneath, and Sister Zhou was licking each other's cunts. Brother Li was standing beside the bed with a glove. ○△×□▽, squinted at the sisters on the bed, this real lewd scene stimulates my sensitive sexual nerves... Seeing me, Brother Li waved his hand to me and said to me: "You will ○△×□▽ her underneath for a while. , I slapped her asshole on it, and let your little sister Zhou watch from the side." I promised a good voice.
The two sisters sat up when they heard the voice. I went to bed and lay down on my back. Sister Zhou had apparently watched porn, and she expertly came up to hold my ○△×□▽ with her ○△×□▽ and lay on me.
The ○△×□▽ was inserted into Sister Zhou's ○△×□▽, and it was obvious that Sister Zhou's ○△×□▽ was tightened a few times, and Sister Zhou groaned slightly. Although Sister Zhou is not too young to have a baby, her ○△×□▽ is still tight. The coveted wish of sister Zhou finally came true today. I felt hot all over, and my buttocks pushed up a few times involuntarily. At this time, Brother Li knelt behind Sister Zhou and was about to ○△×□▽ her ○△×□▽, but after waiting for a long time Sister Zhou lay on me and did not respond much. I was wondering in my heart, so I heard Brother Li say: "I can't get in this position, less than Come on." Sister Xiao Zhou looked at her brother-in-law's embarrassment and almost laughed.
Brother Li and I changed positions. When I aimed my ○△×□▽ at sister Zhou’s asshole, I was very excited. The ○△×□▽ was particularly hard, probably because this was the first time. Miss Wan'er had never had an asshole before.
I was afraid that Sister Zhou would hurt, and I slowly pushed my ○△×□▽ into the asshole, but when all the dicks were inserted into the asshole, Sister Zhou still screamed. After a short pause, I gently stroked sister Zhou's ○△×□▽, and began to thrust a ○△×□▽ in sister Zhou's asshole. The asshole is much tighter than the ○△×□▽, a few deep insertions, a few shallow insertions, a few quick insertions and a few slow insertions, the ○△×□▽ in the asshole can vaguely feel Li Ge's ○△×□▽ in the ○△×□▽ is also moving, so comfortable! Sister Zhou's reaction was also very strong, sometimes moaning and sometimes shouting. I glanced at Sister Xiao Zhou, who was sitting next to her, who was quickly thrusting two fingers in the ○△×□▽.
I don't know how long I ejaculated, directly into sister Zhou's ○△×□▽.
Pulling out the ○△×□▽ from sister Zhou's ○△×□▽, sister Zhou and Brother Li also sat up on the bed. Brother Li said: "I haven't ejaculated yet." "You ○△×□▽ her," Sister Zhou pointed at her sister and said. "Less's ○△×□▽ is too big and hard, I really can't stand it. It doesn't hurt when you ○△×□▽ my asshole." Sister Zhou said while looking at Li. After talking, sister Zhou got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I stood by the bed and watched Li Ge and Xiao Zhou...I think this will be the most unforgettable friendship in my life.
After that, I once again fucked sister Zhou in the corridor. The seventh floor is the top floor, and other people usually don't come up. That day, I went upstairs to look for Sister Zhou, just in time that Sister Zhou forgot to bring the key to the room and couldn’t enter the house. Looking at Sister Zhou’s sexy figure, I told Sister Zhou that we would just change the environment and do it in the corridor. How?
Sister Zhou was a little surprised at first, but then nodded after thinking about it. I asked Ms. Zhou to hold the stair railing and push my ○△×□▽, and I stuck my ○△×□▽ into the ○△×□▽ from behind. A mature woman, an elite of the shopping mall, can bow her head and listen to my instructions, and I feel a little proud. Just about to thrust, I suddenly thought that I saw the opposite house still living in the family, and I was busy asking sister Zhou if there would be anyone in his house. Sister Zhou said that some people were not afraid. Our two families had played a wife swap game--I was completely speechless.
Later, I found out that it’s not going to work. I decided not to do this kind of thing anymore. It’s just such a person who leads a peaceful life. It’s actually quite comfortable to lead a life without ○△×□▽. You can do whatever you want by yourself, but The peaceful life was broken in a calm evening. After dinner that day, my good brother suddenly found me and said that he bought a cheap ○△×□▽ dolls for women online recently and said he wanted to show me a look. I heard on the Internet that I hadn’t seen it in real life, so I followed him to his house out of curiosity and saw a girl sitting on the sofa as soon as I walked in without turning on the light. The figure is really perfect, which reminds me of sister Zhou. Later he asked me if I wanted to try it out, saying that the feeling of having ○△×□▽ with her is almost the same as a real person, thinking that I haven’t had ○△×□▽ for so long, so I started. It really felt like having ○△×□▽ with a real person. I regained the feeling of having ○△×□▽. Later, I asked him where he bought it. I also wanted to buy one. After asking him for a long time, he told me that I bought it on lovedollshops and said now There are also discounts. After I got home, I quickly opened the store and went in to see what I saw. There are too many dolls to make me look at. I feel that this is a man’s paradise, where there are all kinds of ○△×□▽. Dolls, chubby ○△×□▽ dolls, curvy ○△×□▽ dolls, etc. Finally, I chose to choose a 125cm love doll for myself, because it is convenient for me to collect, and I hope it will surprise me.
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