Foreign grandfather is addicted to humanoid dolls

Inflatable dolls can be customized, foreign grandfathers are addicted to expensive humanoid dolls, and bring them to dinner.
I believe that many people are familiar with dolls, because she brings company to lonely people, solves our sexual needs, satisfies our desires and fantasies, from the earliest doll dolls to inflatable dolls and then to the present The physical dolls and robot ○△×□▽ dolls, the development of this road is a goal to bring people the most realistic ○△×□▽ experience, are you still hesitating to buy a flat chest love doll, act, she will bring you A lot of unexpected happiness, let’s show you some real cases in foreign countries
Australian man is obsessed with inflatable dolls after his third divorce and spends the rest of his life with him
According to the British "Daily Mail" report on July 4, after a third divorce, an Australian man fell in love with an inflatable doll named "Noni" and chose to spend the rest of his life with it.
The man was named Murray. He bought the first inflatable doll after his divorce in 2008, and Noni was the fourth doll he bought. Although Noni can't speak or walk, but for Murray, it is the best companion.
Murray said in the interview that it took them a long time to establish the current close relationship, and it took him a year to learn how to enjoy ○△×□▽ with Noni. "When I really learned it, I seemed to have entered a world I had never been to. It fascinated me. It was a feeling I had never felt when I was with other women." Murray said in the interview. In his opinion, Noni, like all women, has emotional changes. For example, when he sells other inflatable dolls, their clothes must also be sold together, because Noni does not want to wear the clothes of other dolls.
It is reported that spending a lifetime with life-size inflatable dolls has become the choice of more and more Australian men. In recent years, the global sales of inflatable dolls have risen sharply.
There is a special customized business in foreign countries, that is, customized inflatable dolls, which are specially provided to men who need to accompany, watching this grandpa kissing his human doll intoxicated.
These humanoid dolls are all made according to the proportions of human beings. You can put forward your ideas, such as skin color, hair length, and height, short, fat and thin can be customized, and you can also change it according to your requirements. But such a doll is not cheap, one costs 420,000 RMB.
Most of the customers who customize these humanoid dolls are actually elderly grandfathers. Most of them are widowed or their children are not around. A humanoid doll can make them less lonely.
Some men will take their "partner" when they go out to eat, pretending to be a real person sitting next to him, and accompany him to eat and drink.
Going for a walk in the park will bring a doll that looks like a real person. Even if no one responds to the chat, you won't be so lonely.
The old man is holding his customized "dream lover" with love in his eyes, or what a real person can't give him, can the doll be satisfied.
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