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Recently, the silicone doll experience hall rushed into the hot search, and the "adult doll experience halls" in big cities have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. This is called the "emerging industry" of this year.
Silicone doll? Experience Hall? What new species is this anyway?
Can you accept "shared girlfriends"?
The "Adult Experience Hall" actually provides a paid experience. The store provides silicone dolls that simulate real people and turns the silicone dolls into "shared girlfriends" to provide services. The main service targets are male customers, and the price ranges from one hundred to five per hour. Ranging from one hundred yuan.
This kind of "shared ○△×□▽ doll" experience hall, a search on a software in Beijing, can find 242 stores. This experience has made many experience stores very busy, and reservations even need to queue to enjoy it.
In the beginning, most of these experience halls were set up near factories, and mostly migrant workers and older men were spending their money.
And now, these user groups are becoming younger and younger. People who patronize the adult experience center include white-collar workers, ordinary workers, and even college students.
A certain silicone doll shop owner said frankly that in the more than 5,000 services provided by his shop, 80% of consumers are 20-35 adult men.
Someone sighed sincerely after experiencing it, "What if there is no inflatable doll?"
For these people, silicone dolls have become a special existence. Will you accept the experience?
24 years old Cavan company employee
Young Cavan works in a company and is always alone.
Without friends, let alone girlfriends, I blush when talking to girls.
The women in the surrounding area are either married or there are many suitors, so it is impossible for them to take turns.
I don't have time to fall in love, nor can I talk about relationships.
Loneliness and sexual depression almost crushed him.
One day, he couldn't stand it anymore, so he wandered around and happened to see the "experience hall" and walked in without much hesitation.
37 years old, vigorously migrant worker
Vigorously leave his hometown all the year round to make a living on the construction site.
After marriage, the couple had to separate the two places.
When I first went to the adult experience center with my coworkers, I was "sneaky", but when I left, I was very relaxed. I didn't forget to say thank you to the owner. Now I regard the inflatable doll as a soul mate.
49-year-old Wang Qiang has been widowed for many years
Wang Qiang's wife went away early because of cancer and left him alone.
Relatives and friends all urged him to find another one, but for the affectionate Wang Qiang, it was undoubtedly a "betrayal" to his wife.
Therefore, there is only one way to go: prostitution, which is even more rejected by Li Jun.
Having been with his wife for many years, it is difficult to accept other people. Can't stand the desire for ○△×□▽ life, and being alive has become a torment.
Some shopkeepers said that what made him feel weird was that when he went for disinfection, he found that some of the dolls were broken, or even broken hands and feet. Sexual repression for a long time will produce violence.
Some people think that this is against human relations and comes and goes with a sense of shame.
Some people think that this is just a physical need, and there is no need to go online.
Some people say that they can provide comfort after frustration, relieve the pressure of being incomprehensible, and satisfy sexual fantasies they have never experienced before.
The depression of work, the frustration of love, the pain of life...It seems that they have found a breakthrough here, which effectively solves the physiological needs of men.
Why is the shared doll experience hall so popular?
The reason why such experience halls will rise, and even have a strong flow of people, is that they are operated legally and that the masses are in great demand.
The lack of ○△×□▽ is not only an annoyance for a single group. There are countless depressed people in the world, not only singles, but even married people.
Netease Chunfeng released the "Post-8090 Sexual Welfare Report". It can be seen that China's ○△×□▽ toys market has surged, and the ○△×□▽ toys market has increased year by year. The iiMedia Consulting Research Report shows that China's ○△×□▽ toys market will exceed 130 billion in 2020. Tmall data shows that the sales of female ○△×□▽ toys in 2019 increased by 11 times compared with the previous year, and the sales of vibrators increased by 51 times compared with 2016!
○△×□▽ dolls can store information about their customers
Although ○△×□▽ dolls are just complaining, ○△×□▽ robots can do more, as explained by Florian Krause, a business ethicist who was also a guest at the event. Krause conducts research in a project at the University of St. Gallen that also addresses ethical issues related to ○△×□▽ robots.
She can't walk alone% In 2013, she needed help, he said, with no expression on his face. Margo also doesn't know how to cook. But his love doll likes to eat, preferably Georgian dishes, or older men who like younger women, or divorce? Behind you. "You want a woman who can't use credit cards and doesn't want expensive jewelry." But men who are medically restricted (for example, men with prostate problems) are not young.
This seems strange. The situation in Asia is very different: According to Evelyn Banz, every two-thirds of people in Japan and China have a TPE ○△×□▽ doll. These people would sit them in wheelchairs, walk in the park and drink coffee. All of this is completely normal, but if you feel lonely and fall on a ○△×□▽ doll: it's not just eliminating symptoms rather than solving problems, isn't it?
What does the ideal ○△×□▽ doll look like? It is incredible. London (UK)-What does the perfect ○△×□▽ doll look like? After all, most male customers have diverse preferences, so this question can hardly be answered. A special wish seems to be increasing: "Emma" is the name of the latest model of the London robotics company "Gutdolls". According to the "Daily Star" report, the flagship model is equipped with full artificial intelligence. Modern ○△×□▽ dolls can therefore store almost unlimited information about their customers-from his likes to his dislikes.
New ○△×□▽ robots are constantly improving: do we need real partners soon? London-○△×□▽ robots are becoming more and more advanced, more and more satisfying the needs of customers. A British company is now touting that their model can keep up with human interactions by gradually learning the owner’s personality.
China silicone head TPE body ○△×□▽ doll
Make love with a piece of silicone? What is the attraction of men to ○△×□▽ dolls? The first brothel in Lucerne is already offering ○△×□▽ dolls. On Wednesday night, in the cellar of Lucerne Neubad, you got the answer about what you should be sexy to them. And ○△×□▽ dolls can even mutate into love dolls.
Yuri and Margo have been married for eight months. Now, the bodybuilder and actor from Kazakhstan are ready for the next step: he wants to marry his girlfriend, is there nothing special? Well, Margot is a World Cup doll! ○△×□▽ robots can also always be updated with the latest software through remote maintenance: "There have been many improvements in the past few months, and the way the mouth moves is really good. Our first Emma customers have already noticed this development, and we can Sam White (Sam White) said.
If you want a doll that belongs to you, you can customize a full-size ○△×□▽ doll. She will belong to you alone. What kind of surprises will ○△×□▽ dolls bring us next? let us wait and see.
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