Drunk night

Zhuang Yingshan, a lively and cheerful girl, can be said to be a very outgoing girl because she has always played with our boys. So I specially planned to invite many classmates to eat hot pot, including her and her boyfriend. She was the only woman in the table, and my plan was to get them drunk.
As I planned, I asked for a separate room from the beginning, they ordered beer, and Yingshan also said to drink some alcohol. Soon, we started eating hot pot, chatting and drinking. In order not to get drunk, I basically just drank a little.
Sure enough, time passed quickly. While eating hot pot, they each drank a lot of wine, and even Yingshan's face was covered with delicate pink. I see beer drunk too much, so I pretended to be drunk and said, "Since that's happy, let's drink again!" Then I asked the waiter to get beer. I asked Yingshan's boyfriend to give them money secretly, saying that we would spend the night here. The waiter didn't agree, but couldn't stand the temptation of money, and agreed to let us play all night. I thought to myself: "Yeah, let me play Yingshan all night!" The waiter took a lot of beer and left, and closed the restaurant door. I continued to coax them to drink happily. There are already countless people. Get drunk with alcohol.
After more than an hour, I also pretended to be drunk, shook my body and walked to Yingshan’s boyfriend and drank with him, but I was overwhelmed by the alcohol and pounced on Yingshan. It happened that my head was facing her ○△×□▽ through two pieces of cloth . The rest of them just smiled and continued to drink, and Yingshan was a little drunk and unable to push me away.
I pretended to be asleep and turned my head to a comfortable position, quietly pulling up her skirt, but it made my head closer to her ○△×□▽. They won't find my face, so I put out my dexterous tongue and licked her underwear with peace of mind. Yingshan wanted to push me away, but would I be pushed away easily?
I licked intently, and after a while, I realized that her panties were not only my saliva, but also the lewd fluid from her ○△×□▽. Hey, Ying Shan is in estrus! Of course I will not stop talking, but lick harder. I heard their chattering start to become quieter, and I heard Yingshan's groan faintly, and the ○△×□▽ stood up immediately.
I turned my head quietly to see that they were all on the table. In order to let them sleep a little more, I decided to wait a little longer. Of course, my actions towards Yingshan would increase.
I pretended to stretch out Yingshan’s legs. Naturally, my head would be uncomfortable, so I opened her other leg and squeezed my body towards her. between. Yingshan seemed to be a little sober at this time, and she wanted to stand up and leave me. Of course I would not do what she wanted, but I would cooperate.
She stood up, and I fell to the ground by the way, pretending to be a little awake, and stood up and looked around. Sure enough, everyone else was asleep, and Ying Shan seemed to want to walk to her boyfriend's side. I cleaned the table a bit, then forcibly carried Ying Shan to the table and took off her panties, so that her lewd ○△×□▽ appeared in front of me.
I broke her legs apart, facing her boyfriend, and then climbed to the table, broke her ○△×□▽ a little bit with two fingers, and licked it gently from the bottom up with my tongue. Ying Shan gave an "um", of course I won't stop, I want to play with her in front of her boyfriend and everyone.
I took off all Yingshan's clothes, looked at her eyes, and found that she was not asleep, her eyes were half open and a little flattering. I grabbed her bulging breasts with both hands and kissed her lips. My tongue immediately went into her mouth and played with her tongue. She also responded to me proficiently. It seems that she and her boyfriend are no less. Kissed. However, everything is over. From now on, Yingshan's tongue, breasts, ○△×□▽, as well as her whole person and thoughts will all belong to me.
My hands keep kneading her breasts, the hand feel is really wonderful, I believe that in the near future, her breasts will be further enlarged and the hand feel will be further beautiful. My offensive also turned from the upper half to the lower half. I sucked her ○△×□▽ hard with my mouth. Her delicious kinky liquid was the motivation to harden my ○△×□▽.
I pulled her closer to her boyfriend, opened her ○△×□▽ in front of him, and said, "This is your girlfriend's ○△×□▽." I kissed her ○△×□▽: "That feels so wonderful! No, let me It’s cool to insert my ○△×□▽!” After that, I took off my clothes and placed Yingshan’s body on her boyfriend’s lap. I slowly inserted the ○△×□▽ into her ○△×□▽, but it was actually blocked. She turned out to be a virgin! It seems to have benefited me.
I turned her boyfriend’s head to our intersection and said, “Yingshan’s first time, even the second and third time, let me taste it for you!” After I finished speaking, I placed my hand on Yingshan’s I pressed my ○△×□▽ hard on my shoulders, and at the same time, my ○△×□▽ pushed forward as hard as I could. With a sound of "Ah...", I felt that the glans had passed through a thin film, which represented that Yingshan's virgin body had been destroyed. I took it!
I wrapped her legs around my body and asked her to hold me, my hands supporting her ○△×□▽, and stood up. Her head was right in front of me, so I kissed her bluntly while slowly thrusting, the blood from the broken part mixed with white kinky water was slowly taken out from the vaginal opening along my ○△×□▽.
After a while, she put her in the middle of the table, and we had ○△×□▽ on the table. I kept playing with Ying Shan's breasts, thrusting hard. She was half-dreaming and half-awake, so I started to moan. I grabbed her legs with my hands and pushed them slowly, while admiring Yingshan's beauty in estrus and her shaking breasts. The situation was wonderful.
Yingshan seemed to dream of having ○△×□▽ with her boyfriend, and she cried, "Ah... so cool... Lin... you make me so cool... uh..." I said in her ear: "I'm not Your Lin, I am your master, call me the master." She said: "Um...Lin...Come in...oh...so cool..." I stopped thrusting and said to her, "Call me The lord will continue. If you don’t call, just solve it yourself!" She hurriedly said: "Don’t stop... I call it... lord... lord..." I heard her calling my lord, and I started to pump Interrupted and said, "Remember, whose slave are you?" She said, "Ah...Master...Yingshan is...your...oh...○△×□▽ slave..." I heard she claimed to be My ○△×□▽ slave was very excited and pushed harder.
After a while, Ying Shan reached an orgasm. I turned my head and said to her boyfriend: "Your girlfriend's vulva is so tight, it makes me feel good! Huh? Your girlfriend is having an orgasm by me! Ah... It's so cool!" My ○△×□▽ pushed in quickly, teasing Yingshan's nipples back and forth in my mouth. After a while, I felt her ○△×□▽ contract strongly again, and I did not forcefully suppress the urge to ejaculate. When she squirted a large amount of obscene fluid again, I thrust in harder and faster, and after a while I penetrated deeply into her ○△×□▽ and ejected a large amount of semen into her uterus.
I took a look at the time. It is just over two o'clock now, and there are still a few hours before the restaurant opens. Let me play Pistons with Ying Shan again! So he reinserted the ○△×□▽ into Yingshan's ○△×□▽, rubbed, pinched, licked, and held her two breasts with both hands and mouth, and had a lot of fun.
After playing for a while, my ○△×□▽ became excited again. I first pulled out the ○△×□▽, and then gently shook her to wake up, only to see her looking at me with bewildered eyes. I let her sit on the table, spread her legs left and right, exposing the yin points in front of my eyes. I squeezed the ○△×□▽ out of her ○△×□▽ for a while and then inserted it deep into her ○△×□▽. She also yelled "Ah" very cooperatively.
My hands crossed her legs and legs again, reached behind her and picked her up. Her hands naturally hugged me. When I walked to her boyfriend, I began to kiss her, and at the same time, I started to move her up and down with my hands, and the ○△×□▽ started to thrust naturally. Then, I lay on the table, she also leaned on me, my ○△×□▽ hurriedly attacked her yin, only to hear Ying Shan also started another wave of groaning journey.
My movements stopped suddenly, Yingshan's body moved on her own involuntarily, and I let her go down, holding the table with both hands, her buttocks tilted up to show courtship. Then I picked up her right leg, held the ○△×□▽ with the other hand and re-entered her body, slowly thrusting it.
At this time, in addition to Ying Shan's groaning in estrus, there was also a male voice. Did a friend wake up? I kept moving, but my eyes started to look around. Sure enough, someone is about to wake up, but this person is not someone else, but Yingshan's boyfriend. I gave a smirk, and the ○△×□▽ moved in and out of Yingshan's ○△×□▽ at an accelerated rate, and she moaned louder because of this.
Ying Shan's boyfriend seemed to want to open his eyes, but it was a pity that he couldn't open his eyes because of drunkenness. I didn't pay any attention, and continued to ○△×□▽ Ying Shan's yin acupoints, but unexpectedly, Ying Shan had another climax. When I saw Yingshan had an orgasm, I stopped and thought: "If Yingshan is awake and fucked by me, and she is about to orgasm, what will happen to her boyfriend when she wakes up?" I thought to myself. I acted immediately. I gave Yingshan a wet towel and a cup of hot wine, and her eyes gradually became clear. Seeing things shouldn't be too late, I inserted my ○△×□▽ into Yingshan's yin acupuncture again and thrust it slowly, waiting for her to wake up.
In a short while, Ying Shan was fully awake, and what was in front of her was a scene that shocked her-a friend of her boyfriend was galloping on her body! The groan in her mouth was about to transform from the groan of estrus into a panic scream. I was afraid that she would wake up other friends, so I immediately stretched out my head and kissed her little mouth, but my movements were not negatively affected, instead, every click went deep into the deepest part of her ○△×□▽. .
Yingshan pushed me hard with her hands, and her legs struggled hard, but it was a pity that everything was in vain. My ○△×□▽ still attacked her yin acupuncture fiercely, even worse. Her movements slowly changed from struggling to helpless acceptance. Only then did I leave her lips, and saw that her mouth was thick and red and swollen by my kiss.
I said softly to her: "You have to control your screams, don't wake up other people." After that, I looked at the drunk boyfriend near her.
She choked up and asked: Why do you want to do this? "
At that time, I couldn't think about that much anymore. I had done everything I did. I had no future, so I didn’t answer her. The ○△×□▽ that went in and out was almost climaxing, and she didn’t hold back a few fierce hits She called out, and finally her boyfriend woke up too, and asked guiltily why she did this. He never paid attention to me again.
Thinking about it later, it was indeed that I did something wrong, but at that time I couldn’t help it. In fact, I regretted thinking about it now, but I didn’t turn my bow back. After that, I lived by myself for a while and didn’t go anymore. Touching a woman, I don’t know how many days have passed since such a day. Suddenly one of my friends said that she bought a life size anime ○△×□▽ doll and said that it felt great to have ○△×□▽ with her. Ask me if I want to give it a try. After a while, I was a little entangled. After all, it is not a real person but a high-quality ○△×□▽ doll. My heart will still be a little twisted, but after thinking about it, I really want to go after having not had ○△×□▽ for so long. In the end, I chose to go. I was not very interested, but when the two of us had close contact, I started to fall in love with this doll, because when I had ○△×□▽ with her, I felt like having ○△×□▽ with a real person. The feeling was the same, so I became excited at once. Thinking that there is such a magical thing, I asked him where he bought it. At first, he hesitated and didn’t want to tell me. Later, under my coercion and lure, he finally recruited and told me that he bought it from lovedollshops. Yes, when I got home, I started to prepare for action. I couldn’t wait to open the store. When I entered the store, I was a little surprised because there were too many ○△×□▽ dolls in it. I was a bit stunned. I chose several times and finally decided to buy one. Mini ○△×□▽ doll, because it is convenient for me to collect, I finally submitted the order because they had a discount at that time and it was quite affordable. Hope for a good result 
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