The secret under the skirt

Maybe it's because of my beautiful appearance. Popularity has always been good. Especially many boys are willing to take the initiative to associate with me, but you can't believe it. I have never officially made a boyfriend. On the one hand, my parents have kept me under strict control since I was young, and they were not allowed to make boyfriends while I was studying for fear of affecting my studies. On the other hand, it was my own reasons.
I don’t know why, I don’t feel so good about boys. I’m happy to be good friends with them, but I don’t want to be the kind of "friends" who have direct relationships, so I will feel that I am not free.
Even so, after college, there are still a lot of boys pursuing me, but we just maintain a normal relationship. In their eyes, I am a thoughtful, ambitious and assertive girl, and more importantly. The point is that I am very beautiful and have a friendly attitude towards people, unlike those self-righteous "cold beauties".
However, I was very distressed. The better they imagined me, the greater my pressure. I actually have multiple personalities in my heart. For example, I don't want to be someone else's girlfriend on the outside, but in private I have a lot of weird hobbies, which can be called "fascination". I like to masturbate, I like to stimulate, I like to take off my clothes in a hidden place-too much. Sometimes even I myself wonder if my psychology is a bit abnormal.
Despite this, I am not very inferior. On the contrary, I tend to indulge in it and cannot extricate myself. I like these special feelings. It's a pity that I stayed at home when I was in middle school, and these behaviors were more or less restrained. When I went to university, I left home and rented a small house outside the university to live outside. There are more and more new clothes in my closet, and more of them are skirts and camisoles. I like them not only because they have bright colors, but also because they can show my beautiful lines after wearing them, attracting the attention of the public, so that I will feel like a queen, beautiful and sexy.
One day after the beginning of the university, I walked lightly on the road leading to the classroom with flower steps as usual. As always, I was full of fiery eyes. I am afraid that these so-called college students have never seen many like me. Beauty, every time I pass by, there are always a few obscene figures dangling around me, pairs of sharp eyes like wolves spinning around me.
At first I was a little bit uncomfortable, but after a long time it was no surprise. "Men are so horny," I thought to myself, but there was a slight smile on my face. It was from these weird eyes that I was satisfied and stimulated.
Today I look the same as usual, but I feel uneasy on the inside. On such a sunny morning, my beautiful body is guilty. I was wearing a tight-fitting white jumpsuit with a short skirt, and my bright long hair was flying gently with the breeze on my back. In the sun, the slender legs are exposed under the skirt, without the decoration of stockings, they look smooth and shiny. But why do I have a heartbeat? Haha, it would be scary to say it, no one would have thought that I did not wear underwear today, and there was a medium-sized electric ○△×□▽ inserted in my most secret part, and bursts of pleasure continued. The ground irritated my nerve center and made me a little dazzled. Under such circumstances, I had to try to conceal my excited expression and pretend that nothing had happened.
Seeing that I was approaching the classroom, my heart was beating even more fiercely. The ○△×□▽ inserted in my genitals was irritating me at a moderate speed, and the nasty water was flowing along the inner side of my thighs. Take a closer look. You will find that there is a bright line on the ground, which is all flowing down from me.
"Well, if someone finds out, it will be over." I thought about it, but inexplicably excited, "Don't be nervous, don't be nervous, no one now, no one will find those things." I comforted myself, and my pace did not stop. , Always move in the direction of the classroom.
"Oh, it's dying, the thing underneath is about to fall." I want to tighten the abdominal cavity a little bit, try my best to clamp the electric ○△×□▽ to prevent it from falling down, but due to the effect of lewd water, it becomes It is very slippery. The force on the root of the thigh can neither be light nor strong. If it is light, it cannot be clamped, and it will be squeezed out when it is bigger. Therefore, I can't go fast, I can only move forward step by step.
"Oh my God, I'm going to fall down!" The moment I arrived at the door of the classroom, I almost shouted, my brain was blank with excitement, but fortunately there was a trace of reason, I walked carefully to my desk.
"Successful." I am secretly happy for this special operation.
A few male classmates looked at me with strange eyes. Maybe it was because the posture I walked just now scared them. Look around, there are still a few female classmates looking at me, but their eyes are It was full of jealousy, "Huh, who makes you less beautiful than me," I was filled with ecstasy again.
The class will start soon. Today I am going to "Foreign Literature General Review". The class is taught by a middle-aged male teacher with a pair of deep myopia glasses. As he is relatively easy-going, the atmosphere in class is warmer than in other classes.
But at the beginning, I didn't pay attention to his lectures, and the stimulation of the lower body made it difficult for me to calm down. When I was walking, the thing was almost out of my body. After sitting down, I kept my body in a forward leaning position, and it could be inserted into the pubic cavity completely, leaving only one wire, one end connected to the electric ○△×□▽, the other end. With the switch in my skirt pocket. Thanks to the support of the chair, I can hold it hard now without worrying about it sliding out of the body. Just thinking about doing such an obscene thing in a sacred place like the classroom, I couldn't help getting excited inexplicably.
I adjusted the vibration speed of the electric ○△×□▽ to high gear. It was like a frightened little mouse, beating violently in my tender acupuncture points, deeply stimulating my ○△×□▽, and maintained it until After class, I have had two climaxes. Fortunately, there was some chaos in the class. Otherwise, the groans of my soft moans would be heard. Most of the people sitting around me were boys. If something went wrong then, wouldn't the image of my young lady be complete.
Later, I persisted through a few more classes, and finally it was time for school to end, and my whole body was almost exhausted. Everyone in the university rushes to eat after school, and usually doesn't stay in the classroom unless there are any questions to ask the teacher. Today, God may pity me too, so that my image will not be damaged, and then the class is over. Everyone filed out one by one. I slowly packed up the textbooks behind, and waited for the people to run away. Breathe.
I wanted to go too, but my feet were sore and numb that I couldn't help it. "The lady will stay here this morning."
Classrooms in the university usually open in the morning and close until late at night after studying. I don’t have to worry about someone locking the door.
After a short rest, I seem to have recovered a lot of strength. But I still don't want to move. I am usually very tender. After insisting on it all morning, my physical strength has dropped too much. "Who is going to save this girl!" At this time, I wish I could find a prince charming and take me away. "Since I can't go, what should I do?" I sat softly in my seat, bored. And the little mouse is still vibrating. But it has been adjusted to low speed by me.
"Fake husband, this lady is going to rest." I said to myself. So he lowered his head, turned the skirt up, and took out the electric ○△×□▽. It has been dripping with water, not to mention my little ○△×□▽.
But I still want to be irritated. When I go out, I only plugged in this medium-sized little guy. Even if I set it to the highest speed, it can't satisfy my desire.
Looking at the empty classroom, I was searching for something. It didn’t disappoint me. After a long time, I finally found an empty beer bottle in a male student’s desk. “It’s too cold, will it hurt this girl’s baby?” I hesitated for a while after touching the bottle. Can't help but start. I wiped the bottle, still opened the skirt, and slowly inserted the thin end of the bottle at my "sister".
"Oh, oh," my ○△×□▽ contracted because of the cold irritation just a little bit, and I couldn't help groaning softly. "Go in again, go in again," a voice urged me. Finally, I mustered up the courage and slapped the end of the bottle with my jade hand. The thin part of the bottle went deep into the Yin Fu. .
"No way, no way, I'll open it soon." When the thick part of the bottle was drilled in, I felt the swelling of the yin and caruncle a lot. Although I like to use an electric ○△×□▽ to penetrate my small hole, but because of the good protection measures, the door has always been small, even tighter than the average virgin. This is the first time that I have used something like a wine bottle to destroy myself.
 At this time, it would be miserable if the workers in charge of the building saw me. Unexpectedly, I would be so lewd, the door of the classroom was not closed.
The more obscene I became, the more excited I was. I was already crawling on the desk, with my back facing the sky, with my white buttocks upturned, holding the desk with one hand to keep my upper body from falling down, holding the bottle with the other, and stuffing it into the small hole. I'm dying, ah, oh, oh, oh" There is another lewd water in the ○△×□▽, part of it flows from the mouth of the bottle inserted in the ○△×□▽ into the bottle, and part of it flows out of the Yumen, and it fills the entire ○△×□▽. Fu, flowing down his sleek thighs to the tabletop, dyed a large hem of his skirt wet.
No matter if the clothes are stained or the door of the classroom is not closed, I can no longer take care of all this at this time. My whole body is as uncomfortable as fire and sweat is like rain. I couldn't care much about the shame. I knelt on the table, pulled his hands around his waist, and after the skirt floated down, the white and jade body fell on the table, panting and screaming.
I don't know what words to use to describe the current pleasure, but I saw that most of the nearly 30-centimeter sprinkling bottle was buried in this girl's tender hole. The ○△×□▽ can't be filled anymore, as the body rises and falls, the tail of the wine bottle hits the table top, urging the mouth of the bottle to hit my Huaxin. Every time it hurts, every time it brings me crazy screams. Oh my God, is this the usual quiet, serene lady? Tears blurred my eyes, and the stimulation of the bottle numbs my brain and body.
For a weak and slender girl like me, it is really exhausting. For a long time, both mentally and physically are at the peak of madness, I need to rest. Finally, I couldn't control my will, and my eyes went dark and people fell down. With a bang, the bottle that was "out of favor" ended its mission, slipped from my lower body, and slapped to the ground. The man fell asleep on the table so heavily. When I woke up, it was an hour later, I just felt my head fierce. Looking down at his little baby, I saw that it had returned to its original shape, but there was some redness and swelling on the outside. Seeing that the classroom door closed with the wind, and I was naked, my face suddenly flushed with shame. I quickly got up to the ground and put on a dress, silently praying that no one would find me embarrassed after I fell asleep. He cleaned up the dry slutty water on the table, arranged his clothes and skirts, and hurriedly walked back to his dormitory, ignoring the dirtyness of the clothes and skirts on the table.​​​​​In the eyes of surprise and lust again, I ran back to my hut with shame on my face.
In fact, I also want to be a good girl, to be my lady. I don't really hate those boys. Although many boys have my beautiful appearance in their shields, they also really treat me well. Among them, a classmate named Hong gave me a deep impression. Every time he saw him, he looked very energetic, and it was clear that he was an energetic man, an intellectual man.
The first time I saw him was in a cherry blossom forest. At that time, we just passed by, and he turned around and said softly to me: "I'm sorry"> and then disappeared from my field of vision soon. Seeing his floating figure far away, I couldn't move at all. A feeling of happiness surged into my heart. Since then, I have kept such a man in my heart, lingering. It turned out that he was my classmate, and I never noticed him. Because I don't like talking to boys, it's fortunate that I didn't know each other before. After that day, my eyes were only focused on him during class every day.
It should be said that with a lover in my mind, I should pay attention to a little bit of restraint and maintain my image of a beautiful lady. But within a few days, I had a second occurrence of obscenity on campus. I don't know what happened to me. After being obscene in the classroom, I actually liked the feeling of being naked.
But I am an unsatisfied woman. I always want to be more exciting. Haven't ○△×□▽ dolls been popular recently? I heard that there are also male ○△×□▽ dolls. I think that my chance is coming again, so I think I was going to buy them. They all said lovedollshops were not bad, so I went to the store at home and found that it was really not bad. The dolls here are all high-quality ○△×□▽ dolls, and there are many styles and types, and there are also discounts. That’s great, so I went straight to my doll. Because there are too many styles and types, I chose to choose and finally choose a realistic shemale ○△×□▽ doll. There is no way I am such a person who likes excitement. It is desire and dissatisfaction, I hope he can surprise me.
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