this exhortation not to forget to perform pelvic floor exercises

If you've ever read a women's magazine, or especially if you have a child, then you'll be very familiar with this exhortation not to forget to perform pelvic floor exercises. If you're like me, you probably still forget them! But there's actually a more interesting and straightforward reason to take care of your pelvic floor - nothing to do with uterine prolapse, abstinence or anything remotely (and frankly, rather boring) like that.

Strengthening your pelvic floor can help you feel orgasms more deeply, boost your libido while spending your free time with a ○△×□▽ strap on, and make both you and your partner's ○△×□▽ life feel better. This isn't just wishful thinking - many prominent ○△×□▽ therapists and the Stanford University School of Medicine agree. Today, we examine five types of pelvic floor exercises that can help you enhance your orgasm.


This is an essential exercise if you're working on the pelvic floor for abstinence reasons-you need a strong, responsive pelvic floor to keep everything in place. When you are working on the pelvic floor for orgasm, it is also important to "shake". To tremble.

Squeeze the pelvic muscles as hard as you can, then immediately release.
Repeat 10 times

The Grip

Using Flutter in combination with The Grip ensures that your muscles are fit for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise ...... so they can exercise all night long! To perform The Grip.

Squeeze your pelvic muscles to 50% of your maximum muscle

Hold for 10 seconds

Repeat 10 times

Squeeze your pelvic muscles to 100% of their maximum muscle mass

Hold for 5 seconds

Repeat 10 times

Grip strength can be very difficult, but it will definitely get easier as your muscles get stronger. Remember to keep challenging yourself - if 10 seconds is too easy, double your time to 20 seconds. The goal is to keep the contractions long and strong, so it's best to increase the time rather than the repetitions.

Weight lifting

In fact, there are many tools available today to help you strengthen your pelvic floor! For example.

You only need to wear the cones inside you for about 20 minutes a day. The light and constant resistance needed to stop them from slipping is a great exercise. You can graduate from light to heavy

Insert the dumbbells into your ○△×□▽ and try to lift them. As you progress, you can add more weights.

Gauge equipment provides feedback on the duration, intensity and number of repetitions you perform. If you're a goal-oriented person, they can be a great motivator!

Vibrators and dildos can also be used, especially those with a spherical or beaded shape at the insertion end.


You should perform pelvic exercises in various positions. Lie down one day, sit down the next, and stand up the next for exercises to work all the different muscle groups.

Core strengthening in conjunction with the pelvic floor

Your pelvic floor and abdominal core muscles work in tandem to create good posture, support your organs, and generally make you look hotter! If you are doing core strengthening exercises, do them in conjunction with the effort portion of the exercise. This provides additional resistance (increased strength) to your pelvic floor.

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