Detroit: Become Human-When will we have such a doll

I recently learned that in a game "Detroit: Become Human", the bionic technology in it is really too reverie. It is definitely the realistic ♥♥♥♥ doll of your dreams. What's even more imaginative is that they have a special design, really want one. Try to think about it: When you come home, you will have a good bath water, hot meals, massage, chat, and everything for your girlfriend can be satisfied, but it won’t bother you anything, except that you won’t have children and you have to be regular Replenishing blue blood, there are no shortcomings, no tantrums, no asking to buy this or that, no selfishness, no dissatisfaction with you, no money, no dissatisfaction with you, ugliness, will work hard to take care of your parents, will listen to you Your mind will satisfy some of your requirements, even if it’s a bit perverted, as long as you treat her well and don’t hurt her, she will not be abnormal. It is a perfect creation, just like an angel arranged by heaven. When can you have this technique?
Maybe not many people are needed, and the bionics in Detroit Transformation will appear. Seeing the rapid development of tpe ♥♥♥♥ doll robots now, I believe it will be seen in the near future. For girlfriends and bionic robots, many people choose one to serve themselves rather than to serve others, just as more and more people choose to buy ♥♥♥♥ dolls as their partners. The money for a girlfriend and marriage may be more than enough to buy a robot.
At present, it may not be possible to achieve such a perfect bionic technology. I can only buy a physical doll, wash and bathe, powder, dress, and take pictures for her every day. It is more likely than my girlfriend, and I can choose a beautiful model. Customize the ♥♥♥♥ doll in the ideal look, this will be the best service currently.
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